August 21, 2014

Flashback Dream Dates

DREAM DATE_edited-1

We all have ‘crush lists’ comprised of -ultimate- dream dudes who live in a happy fantasy land (AKA a compartment in our minds). Residents? Gentlemen like Adam LevineĀ and Ryan Gosling. Activities? Tossing footballs back and forth, jamming out during acoustic sessions, growing beards as we require them to, etc. While these dudes are great and all, there’s another compartment in our minds for another kind of crush: the fictional character crush. These imaginary dudes’ names are scrawled all over our notebooks and, needless to say, they occupy the top spots on our crush list. read more…

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August 20, 2014

FACE TIME WITH FORA: Josh Hartnett Edition

The best ideas always come about after two too many coffees and general mid-day restlessness. So when I turned to Jen and made a promise to ideate a good post concept revolving around Josh Hartnett’s perfect, angelbaby face, it seemed only natural that poetry (of all calibers) came into play. A haiku? A sonnet? Prose with an AABB rhyming scheme? All happily welcomed, all forcefully forced upon 6 members of the FORA team (plus one random, *anonymous* straight male ghost writer).

Welcome to FACE TIME WITH FORA – a really perfect, charming, and perfectly charming series that (nicely and non-offensively) objectifies the best (male) celebrity faces in the world. I’m not sure why Josh Hartnett is the first feature of this segment, but shhh donut complain – just prepare your bodies for MARRIAGE. Bai. read more…

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