September 8, 2014

BACK TO COOL: An MTV FORA Lookbook With Cris Prosperi

There’s no need to dread the second Monday of September when there’s a giant collective of pictures of our GURL Cristine Prosperi at hand!!!

Whether you’re running, jumping, skipping, kicking, or swinging your way back to the classroom, we want you to look cute and feel confident (so you can 1) conquer the playground, 2) conquer your education (#important), and 3) conquer da bois (by smoozing up that hOTtIe in yr calculus class)). read more…

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August 11, 2014

A Back To Cool/School Skateboard Tutorial with Kastor & Pollux

Let me start off by saying that no matter the circumstance, talking about yourself in the third person is always a bizarre experience. However, since there is no immediate remedy (other than just, like, not talking about yourself in the third person), I’m just going to own up to it, embrace the challenge, and conclude this little tangent by bringing attention to the fact that sincerity is always the first step in writing a successful blog post.

While I often write under the Fora Staff moniker (even though my name is in fact Danielle AKA the blonder half of Kastor & Pollux), for the sake of penning sincere copy to accompany my face, here are my third-person insights regarding the best and most HUNNIT *prayer hands* DIY in the entire universe.

Now that that’s been said, this September, we want you to SKATE BACK TO SCHOOL IN STYLE – or at least walk to school in style carrying this cool decorative skateboard. In collaboration with the [crazy cool] girls from Kastor & Pollux, we’ve created a deck that’s part shiny, part fresh, and 100% one hunnit – duh. When seeking out your very own sk8er boy boyfriend becomes too tired (and not true), take matters into your own hands and amp up the ante with something sure to catch people’s attention. It might not be the ideal tool for *insert skateboard lingo here*, but as long as you look cute – does it really matter?!

Does this all sound like a grand plan, Stan? If the answer is yes, get ready…get set…SKATE BACK TO SCHOOL COOL with Kastor & Pollux!!! read more…

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April 24, 2014


Hi friends, hi fashionistas! It’s prom season once again! This time around, we’re sayin’ “ByEeEe” to sweetheart-necklined silk/satin gowns, and hellOOoo to monochromatic things of all varieties: including feathered tops, statement necklaces and contrasting backgrounds (to follow your monochromatic-self wherever you go).

A traditional prom is s0ooo overrated – so hop, skip and jump over to the silly side, and learn a thanggg about colour theory with this FUN/FAB/GREAT look book that will *for sure* get you prepped for all your (impending) ~crazy~ ~sartorial~ ~adventures~ ; ) read more…

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September 10, 2013

Kastor & Pollux Say HEY From #NYFW!

Hey Internet friends! Last Friday, Bianca and I packed two 50lb suitcases and hopped on a plane to New York for fashion week – something I can only describe as an incredibly stressful series of fashion-filled days that force me into living off granola bars I haphazardly throw into my bag each morning.

read more…

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July 24, 2013

MIXTAPE: Jenn Im's #SummerEncounters

Last week, we showed you the results of our #SummerEncounters animated look book with Clothes Encounters and Kastor & Pollux. Filled with /complete/ and /utter/ /fun-ness/ and /fabulosity/, the look book chronicled Jenn Im’s top summer adventures – ranging from a trip to Easter Island to a swim in Peter Pan’s Mermaid Lagoon.

Since we already showed you the best *new* tunes this summer 2013, we figured we might as well see what Jenn will be listening to through her real life and hypothetical travel adventures! (Y) read more…

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July 17, 2013

Clothes Encounters x Kastor & Pollux: An MTV FORA Look Book

There’s a 98% possibility that you’re already hooked/obsessed/devoted to Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters – but if by chance you’ve yet to become virtually acquainted, you can go ahead and live vicariously through us.

During her quick jaunt to Canadaland earlier this month, we had the pleasure of working on a very fun ~*summer*~ project with Jenn – in which we both deliberated and deciphered her *ultimate* summer vacation. After whittling down a rather extensive list, we’ve compiled a final selection of summer getaways – and through mountains, monuments, and mammals, the girls of Kastor & Pollux have worked to bring you an exclusive animated GIF look book and giveaway (of all the K&P jewelry Jenn wears throughout her animated adventures).

From Peter Pan’s ethereal mermaid lagoon to locations in the general vicinity of “the wilderness,” MTV FORA and Kastor & Pollux invite you to adventure with Jenn through all her Summer Encounters! (Get it? Puns!!! Kind of!!!) read more…

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June 27, 2013


Best friends are hard to come by… so if you’ve got one, you’re going to want to hold onto them FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. And while you’re holding on to them (in hopefully non-creepy ways), you’re also going to want to dress like them… because why not?

We’ve rounded up four pairs of IRL BFFL’s – showcasing gals who have found each other through work/play, music/fashion/general awesomeness, and have been bonded together by real/faux sisterhoods. As our BFF appreciation month draws to a close, remember to celebrate your best friend – or at the very least, celebrate these ones. read more…

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April 30, 2013

8 Things Chloe Moretz And I Could Do If We Were Best Friends

Source: Nylon Mag

I have a confession to make: There have been multiple occasions where I’ve found myself absentmindedly perusing various Internet Website dedications to (former) blonde teenage beauty, Chloe Grace Moretz. I couldn’t tell you why so much of my time was invested to fetes so ostentatious, but now that those hours of my life have long-departed, I regret nothing.

Let me clarify that all of this Internet-creepage was done in the least weird way possible, as my dedication stems from pure admiration, good intentions, and not inappropriate obsession. Either way, each paragraph that I skimmed (at length) informed me that the teenage superstar frequently replies to the tweets of strange humans. “That could be me!” I exclaimed. And thus, this series of anecdotes has become semi-relevant, and my determination to become best friends with Chloe Moretz has now become a public idea that I hope can be shared amongst ourselves and our relevant social circles. To further add ~dimension~ to this very understandable topic, here are some pictorial executions of things that Chloe and I could do together once we’re #besties…so…I hope you enjoy! read more…

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