February 6, 2014

Beauty R00Lz: Fake Freckles

I’ve always wanted a strategically placed mole or a peppering of freckles across my nose – sans any UV damage. But is coveting freckles a case of envying the (seemingly) greener pastures from my current standing point? Probably. Thankfully, with makeup I can try the look out and decide if this desire is warranted or not.

The beauty rule I’m breaking this week: Don’t draw temporary spots on our skin for no reason (I guess?). read more…

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December 19, 2011

HEADLINES: Kobe Gets Served, Yurman Calls Out Kate, and Sandy is a Knock-out.

Kobe Bryant has cheated … again. Yawn. And his soon to be ex, Vanessa, has had enough. Finally. V filed for divorce on Dec 1 citing “irreconcilable differences.” More like my husbands a pig and I’m taking for all he’s got, which should be easy since there was no prenup! (TMZ)

It’s that time of year again! The time when all our eyes get assaulted by the ridiculousness that is the Kardashian Christmas card. Of course it was shot in 3D. Of course, because 3D is just as useless as they are. OK, ok I’ll stop being a Grinch. I will say Mason’s pose is killer! (Too Fab)

David Yurman is calling out Kate Moss for copying his 2011 spring ad campaign, in which she posed. Yurman claims Kate’s own ad campaign for her upcoming jewellery line for Fred’s is a carbon copy. And you know what Yurman? I concur. (Fashionista)

Elizabeth Taylor’s Christies auction took place last week and many stars were in attendance. With their hopes high and their wallets full the biding war began. Kim Kardashian spent $64,900 on a set of bangles and Coco Rocha walked away with an 80’s Givenchy jumpsuit – which she plans on wearing to next year’s Met Gala. (People)

OH. EM. GEE. My Sandy brought it, and brought it hard to the NY premiere of her new movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Sandy hit the carpet in a chic black satin Alexander McQueen suit andddd mama looks HOT! Werk it girl! (US)

The Enquirer is reporting that J.LO and her boy-toy Casper Smart took a trip to McDonald’s that went awry. Apparently, the cashier mistakenly asked Casper if he would like to add his mother’s order to his tab, to which J.LO screamed, “I’m his girlfriend!” Not a good look girl. (MTV UK)

The best dressed family ever! Well the boys anyway. Posh, why must you dress as if you are attending a funeral … everyday? And P.S. I am praying for the day to come when a Birkin is my diaper bag. (Popsguar)

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December 9, 2011

Oh, the 90s.

The 90s were a strange time for fashion. Very few people managed to look cool. Gwen Stefani was one of them. And these things were on the runways: read more…

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December 6, 2011

TRENDING: Sequin Jackets

Put a little sparkle in your step! read more…

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November 11, 2011

Awesome People Hanging Out Together: VINTAGE EDITION

Here we go again! All your favourite peeps, posing together, back in the day. Like WAY back. Back when Andre Leon Talley drank … BEER! read more…

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November 10, 2011

HEADLINES: Kate’s Good Looks Are Hereditary, Chloe Sevigny Favours Snooki Over Nicky, and Kanye Tries to Be Like Marc.

Kate Moss’s half sister Charlotte (Lottie) has made her modeling debut at the tender age of 13. It was inevitable really, I mean, just look at her. (Fashionising)

Chloe Sevigny would ideally like to dress the Fanning sisters, but if that doesn’t work out she would prefer to dress Snooki over Nicky Hilton. Oh, and she became an actress because she can’t add or spell. (Fashionista)

Wowza! Mimi has been working out and it has definitely paid off. The diva showed off her post-pregnancy body in a red sheath at a Jenny Craig event yesterday and she looked damn good! Sure she was wearing Spanx, but who isn’t these days? (Popsugar)

The Olsen’s latest StyleMint contest video is here and it’s as quirky and cute as ever. The girls plank, stork, owl, plowl and hug it out. Seeing these sissys so cuddly makes me smile. (Youtube)

Karl Lagerfeld posted a picture of his collection of iPhones on his facebook account. Yeah, he has 5! I bet you can’t guess what decal they are all decorated with. (Refinery 29)

Kanye West channeled Marc Jacobs the other night by wearing a leather skirt on stage for his Watch the Throne concert at Madison Square Gardens. Yo, Yezzy imitating Marc won’t make you a better designer! (Huff Post Style)

Alexa Chung is the newest face of Vera Moda; modeling for their fall/winter campaign. Blah, blah, blah. It’s typical Chung. Nothing new or ground-breaking here – but that’s just my opinion. (Telegraph)

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October 26, 2011

HEADLINES: Dina Lohan is Stupid, Iris Apfel is Mean, and Kanye West’s Fashion Career Isn’t Over?

Terry Richardson is one busy man with many, many doppelgangers. While shooting Beyonce recently for Harper’s Bazaar Terry took a time out to shoot some outtakes of Queen B fooling around with his signature glasses. This photo is now my desktop background. (Popsugar)

Whoa! Is Iris Apfel starting to lose it? They say dementia can manifest itself in aggression and I say that ‘they’ are right! The plagiarizing jewellery designer recently told the Telegraph that she wants to throw up when walking down 5th Avenue now because all the fat and ugly people don’t wear enough clothing. She goes on to say that stretch jeans over size 10 should be outlawed. Wow that’s gutless! Geeze, who peed in your cornflakes Iris? (The Cut)

Why am I not surprised that Dina Lohan has stooped to a new low? Because she’s a terrible person, that’s why! It seems mommy dearest is shopping around a personal memoir about Lilo’s partying and legal woes. Right, because that’s just what a good mother should do! Seriously, Mike and Dina never gave Lindsay a chance, did they?Throwing their daughter under the bus is their M.O. (Refinery 29)

So the Rolling Stone thinks that Kanye West’s fashion career isn’t dead … yet. It’s a point of view not shared by many, however, the article explores how he could have been more successful and ultimately concludes Kanye shouldn’t give up after only one attempt. No! Don’t encourage him! I don’t know if I can endure another disaster like that! (Rolling Stone)

Dior seems virtually unaffected by John Galliano’s racist tirade and departure from the brand. In fact, revenue is up 21%. Geeze people are weird, it’s like public indecency doesn’t even exist anymore. It’s just like when Kate Moss got caught doing coke and her career experienced a resurgence, although, I guess John Galliano’s career is still in question but I’m betting he will be just fine! (Fashionista)

So you know that depressing voice-over at the beginning of Rihanna’s We Found Love music video? That woman’s voice with the English accent, you know? Yeah it’s totally Agyness Deyn. (NY Fashion)

Good things come in pairs, right? Is that even an expression? Well, either way that doesn’t apply here. Because when handbags come in twos (specifically in two identical designs) it’s called plagiarism. I wonder how Marc Jacobs will respond. (The Purse Blog)

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October 17, 2011

HEADLINES: Kate in Gold Gets SOLD, Beyonce Rocks Many A Tux, and Crosdressers Attack!

It was a busy weekend to say the least. So what stories are buzzing today? 1. George promotes Stacey Kiebler. As you well know when it comes to women, George runs the show; he always runs the show! And he has decided that Stacey will be extended red carpet privileges as the two hit the red carpet together at the New York Film Festival this weekend. So how long will it last? We’re accepting bets starting immediately! (Lainey Gossip)

Flynn Bloom is officially my new favourite lil nugget. He definitely just robbed top billing from Mason Dash Disick. It’s not Mason’s fault; it’s his family and their over-saturation. Like, seriously I don’t need to see you getting laser hair removal pre-wedding, I just don’t! Anyways let’s hope to see more of Flynn really, really soon. (Popsugar)

So Beyonce took a year off from work before she planned to have a baby; in order to prepare herself. Now that she’s preggers? She’s working harder than ever – something doesn’t compute. Anyhow Queen B dropped her second video in two weeks, Love on Top, and this time it’s all about the luxe tux! (Fashionista)

The newest gang to hit the streets of New York? Cross-dressing men seeking Chanel bags! Apparently two cross-dressed men managed to steal two customized Chanel handbags from Lower East Side boutique; A. Turen. Such a better look than the usual pantyhose face. (Huffpost Style)

It is interviews like this that remind you Tavi is really just an eccentric child. Tavi spoke with Elle Fanning about, like, school uniforms and how short to, like, wear your kilt, like. Elle’s a good girl; SHOCKER. Me? There were times I rolled my kilt three times! Yeah it was more belt than skirt. (The Cut)

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of a million hipsters freaking out! Because Uniqlo has opened its biggest store ever in NYC. (Lucky)

Marc Quinn’s famous statue of Kate Moss (the gold version) has sold at auction for over $800,000. I wonder how she feels about her gymnastics pose being on display in bidder’s houses. Creepy! (Vogue UK)

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October 12, 2011

HEADLINES: Marissa Cooper Takes a Steak in the Face, Lila Grace is Embarrassed by Kate, and the Olsen’s Celebrate Halloween.

Who knew Youtube could be interactive? The Olsen’s did. Of course they did! Check out the amazing Halloween themed October T Moments video above. Answer the questions correctly to uncover a discount code for and see MK & A dabble with some silly costumes along the way. (Stylemint)

Tyler Shields sure loves him some washed up actresses. First it was Lilo and now it’s Mischa Barton. Talk about washed up! This time Tyler’s prop of choice was a raw steak. Right, E-coli for everyone! (Huff Post Style)

1. I am THRILLED to see an English wedding sans-fascinators! 2. How cute is Stella and Paul McCartney’s relationship? Stelly (I call her this because Gwyneth does; and I will do ANYTHING Gwyneth does) designed Paul’s bride Nancy’s dress. Simple and elegant. Yay for fam jams! (Harper’s Bazaar UK)

Well at least someone voices their objections to Kate Moss, even if it is her 9 year old daughter Lila Grace. Fresh-faced Mom is Lila’s preference which is kind of cool. I’m sure she prefers sober Mommy as well! (Vogue UK)

Tavi makes a joke! Woo sign’s of humanity! She tells The Early Show that her secret to managing her time is employing ‘middle aged adult ghostwriters.’ Okay it’s not the funny; but you know what is? Watching these three talk about sex. Awkward! (The Cut)

Jean Paul Gaultier designed a bar of gold that seriously resembles Juicy Couture designs. Shudder! Why do brilliant people waste their time producing crap? Just stick to what you are good at! I’m looking at you Karl ‘the glassware designer’ Lagerfeld. (Fashionista)

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October 11, 2011

HEADLINES: Fashion Week Fights, Karl’s Delusions and Rihanna's Naked Body!

Time to celebrate in your Chrissy Loubs! The Design Museum in London is planning a retrospective that will document Christian Louboutin’s 20-year career. Although I’m pretty sure I could sum it up in 2 words; red soles.  (Vogue UK)

New York, London and Milan are still at war over fashion week dates and this shit is getting confusing! Good thing Fashionista offers some clarity with their point-form version of the drama and boy is there drama! Not to worry though, referee DVF is “convinced it will be resolved.” (Fashionista)

Editors Only! For the first time ever all of the International Vogue editors will be together in one place. (How has this not happened already?) Anna, Franca, Alexandra and Emmanuelle will all attend Japan Fashion’s Night Out. How will that much ego fit in one teeny tiny Japanese-style room? I’d love to be a fly on the wall for this one! (The Cut)

Did Mariah Carey just pee her pants? Probs! Because Sanrio and Forever 21 are teaming up to create an exclusive Hello Kitty inspired line. Everything from headbands to handbags priced from $3.80 to $30! Yay for anime! (Racked)

Karl Lagerfeld’s oversaturation continues as he releases his expensive glassware line. Huh? Oh, and it doesn’t end there! Karl is also under the impression he invented ‘the coaster.’ Of course he did! (Styleite)

Kate Moss walked in Louis Vuitton’s Paris Fashion Week Show not because she was cast but because she requested to. Yes, that’s right – when Kate wants to walk she WALKS! Oh and she closed the show; NO BIG DEAL. (Fashionologie)

Rihanna is Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive! And to celebrate she got naked in front of the camera. Sorry angry Irish farmer! Also, can RiRi just stop talking about Chris Brown, it seriously causes me to cringe and convulse. (PopSugar)

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