May 24, 2012

TUMBLR OF THE WEEK: Celebrity Closeups

Because if you’ve ever longed to see every pore, line & detail of Lady Gaga’s face, now you can. read more…

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March 28, 2012

HEADLINES: Clay Calls Out Rihanna, Christie Brinkley is Drama, and Franco is Fly as Fack.

This is Gangsta Franco. Wut chu lookin’ at brahhhh? read more…

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January 18, 2012

HEADLINES: Tavi Calls Out Her Haters, Rihanna Returns to a 'Hopeless Place', and Shailene Woodley's Footwear is Offensive.

This makes me sad. Rihanna and that turd who beat her have been secretly hooking up! Well, according to US Magazine, so take this with a grain of salt. Rihanna’s rep had no comment on the matter, however Chris Brown’s rep did. And while he did shoot down a romance, he confirmed the two are friendly. FRIENDLY? Why RiRi why? Have you seen the end of your “We Found Love” video? (Us Magazine)

So not only is she consciously choosing to date someone with the name Ned Rocknroll, she’s consciously choosing to dress like twinsies too? Come on, Kate. (Lainey Gossip)

Ugh. The hair is back! You’d think he’d have severe neck damage from constant whiplash by now. I mean this haircut is a liability in more ways than one. And don’t even talk to me about that jacket! I. CAN’T. DEAL. (Styleite)

Kate Hudson has replaced Demi Moore as the new face of Ann Taylor. Right, as if Kate Hudson would ever be caught dead wearing Ann Taylor. And poor Demi. As if she didn’t already feel old enough now that her zygote of a husband has left her. This, surely, won’t help. (The Cut)

Tavi Gevinson calls out her haters in an interview with BBC. And she does a pretty decent job! But it will never NOT creep me out hearing 15-year-old talk about ‘fetishization’. It just won’t. (Fashionista)

Damon Baker gives a revealing, yet juvenile, interview to Stylelist. The 20-year-old photographer could use some maturity lessons from Tavi. Anyway, my favourite part? When he says he met Andrej Pejic in a strip club – he was on the pole and Andrej was his audience! Juice! (Stylelist)

I always remained neutral when it came to Shailene Woodley; didn’t love her, didn’t hate her. But that girl just crossed me. Wearing these shoes, period, is unforgivable. Let alone to a Globes party. It’s a shame too; if she had better style we could’ve been friends. (In Style)

Image via In Style

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December 13, 2011

HEADLINES: Emma Roberts is Hobo Chic, Kate Winslet Prefers RocknRoll, and Michelle Obama Celebrates the Holidays in Style.

Leighton and Constance Meester’s legal dispute is the Macaulay Culkin case of 2011. Parents trying to capitalize on their child’s fame and fortune; tisk, tisk. Thankful our Gossip Girl prevailed and Momma Meester will be getting bupkis! (THR)

It seems Louis Dowler isn’t happy about getting dumped by Kate Winslet. Well I mean, who would be? But bro is telling the press Kate may have been two-timing him with Richard Branson’s nephew; Ned RocknRoll. I would be bitter too if someone named ‘RocknRoll’ stole my woman. (Celebitchy)

Vogue’s new archive website will contain every issue dating back to the magazine’s debut in 1892. Dope, right? WRONG. A yearly subscription to this archive will run you $1,575. US dollars, no less. AS. IF. ANNA. (The Cut)

In other Vogue news; Franca Sozzani addresses the Karlie Kloss photo controversy and admits, “I made a mistake.” However, the mistake she is referring to is the removal of the controversial photo, not it’s publication in the first place. Why is Franca always so DRAMA? (Telegraph)

Emma Roberts describes her style as ‘hobo chic”. Explaining further that, “I like to be a little more disheveled — I like throwing on a motorcycle jacket with a gown because I’m young.” I’m sorry, but when was the last time you saw a hobo wearing a moto jacket and gown? (People)

Prabal Gurung looks as cute as can be surrounded by his terrycloth robed models. Admittedly this picture might look ridiculous had it been of say, Karl Lagerfeld, but somehow Prabal makes it adorable! (Twitter)

Michelle Obama continues to amaze fashionistas everywhere with her flawless style. The first lady has been celebrating the holidays in Rodarte and Cushine et Ochs; looking equally beautiful in both. (Fashionista)

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September 19, 2011

THE EMMYS: What They Wore

The Emmy Awards were last night and while that may excite you TV fans for various different reasons it only really means one thing to us; another RED CARPET! read more…

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September 7, 2011

HEADLINES: Kardashian Kontroversy Kontinues, Lady Gaga Forgoes Wearing Make-up While Tyra Banks Forgoes Shaving Her Legs.

Tyra Bank’s tells Life & Style that she doesn’t shave her legs. Um … okay. Apparently her leg hair is so faint that there is no need to remove it. How this was relevant to her interview is unclear. I’m betting it was an over share. (BellaSugar)

All you die-hard Gosling fans out there – do not kill the messenger! Unfortunately it seems that your boy Ryan has been getting cozy with one of his current co-stars Eva Mendes. Too much hotness in one couple. And where did they go on their first date? Disneyland! Old habits die hard. (US Weekly)

I never thought I’d say this but; who wore it better Kate Winslet or Kris Jenner? Both ladies rocked this black and polka dot Stella McCartney dress, however, I am partial to Kate’s minimal styling. Not sure Kris has every heard the word ‘minimal.’ (Too Fab)

Lady Gaga supposedly goes make-up free for Harper’s Bazaar. There is no doubt that she is not wearing full make-up however I am skeptical of her face being fully bare. The black and white distracts but there is definitely some sort of lip product on her pucker. (Lifeline Live)

The stars wear clip-ins? I seriously thought they all rocked weaves! I will say this though; Vanessa Hudgen’s hat makes this look and the quality of her clip-ins is not up to par with say the weave on Lauren Conrad.  (People)

Emma Watson’s new commercial for Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose fragrance has been released. Purple hues, Paris and a pretty paramour … perfect! (Refinery 29)

There are so many things wrong with this story; I do know where to begin! First of all Abbey Dawn showing at NYFW? Secondly 14-year-old Kylie Jenner will model in the show. Seriously the Kardashian’s influence is out of control! I love Avril, but her clothing is hardly categorized as ‘fashion’. Diane Von Furstenburg please do something about this! (Shine)

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September 2, 2011

WHAT THEY WORE: The Venice Film Festival

It is the OLDEST (read: THE FESTIVAL THAT STARTED IT ALL) film festival in the world, SO, doesn’t it make sense that the stars would flock, look gorgeous, and debut films so beautiful and important that we don’t even understand them (like W.E. and The Ides of March, which we honestly don’t know what that means)? YES. But luckily, fashion is a universal language that we ALL speak! read more…

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