January 14, 2013

The 10 Most Important (Cutest) Kids Under 10

Forbes recently released their list of 30 most successful under the age of 30. How about narrowing down the spectacle, and having a look at the top 10 under 10, who have managed to light up our world with their irresistible cuteness? Because being cute counts for something, right? read more…

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June 27, 2012

10 Children That Dress Better Than You

Here are 10 really, really good looking kids from really, really fashionable families and their really, really stylish style. Really. read more…

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May 25, 2012

A Birthday Tribute To The Coolest Kid In The World: Kingston Rossdale

To celebrate Kingston Rossdale’s 6th year on Earth, we decided to compile a collection of his best outfits. This mini rock star child of Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani does not disappoint. We’re taking style notes from a 6-year-old, yes. read more…

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January 17, 2012

HEADLINES: Adrian Brody Models, Terry Richardson Bores, and David Furnish is AMAZING!

Harlow Winter Kate Richie-Madden turned 4 over the weekend. And although her name is still the most obnoxiously long among celebutots, she’s also got the most friends. Looks like Harlow takes after mommy in the popularity department! P.s. How do I go about arranging the marriage of Kingston and Harlow? P.p.s. I feel sorry for the nanny holding all the presents. (Popsugar)

Stacey Kiebler is an “actress” now. That’s right, the one-time wrestler, current professional ‘girlfriend’ is making moves. (Celebitchy)

David Furnish is my favourite Canadian, hands down! Why you ask? Because well the rest of us sucks are busy saying “thank you so much” twenty thousands times a day, David is laying into Madonna on Facebook. Sigh. Being polite is overrated. (BuzzFeed)

Sweet Jesus! Some “Real Housewife” reject has decided that vagazzaling wasn’t enough, no, we gotta hot glue feathers down there too! (TMZ)

Ugh. Why is Adrian Brody eternally creepy? Why is he such a try-hard? Why is he on Prada’s runway? Don’t worry, these are all rhetorical questions. (People)

Meet Choupette! Karl Lagerfeld’s new kitten. Doesn’t it grind your gears that there are pets out there that are more famous than you? It straight up pisses me off! (Refinery 29)

Terry Richardson had better find some new inspiration soon. Because while this is cute, dressing up your models in your signature garb is getting OLD. (Styleite)

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December 12, 2011

HEADLINES: Carey has a Chip(munk) on Her Shoulder, Alice Dellal is the Anti-Blake, and Fergie for the Fail!

Daphne Guinness thinks all men should wear make-up. Specifically foundation. You know, “Just a little bit of shading. You don’t have to be in full drag.” Thanks for clarifying Daph! (Fashionista)

Here is your daily Kingston Rossdale outfit inspiration. Today’s lesson; never let Mommy outshine you! No matter her fashionista status. (Popsugar)

This is the one and only reason emoticons were invented! Behold, Emojis in Paris. (Aziz is Bored)

Carey Mulligan has a chip(munk) on her shoulder in her cover spread for W Magazine’s January issue. (Style Frizz)

WWD is reporting that edgy model/socialite Alice Dellal is being tapped as the new Chanel It girl. This is a drastically different direction for the brand as Alice’s predecessor is Blake Lively. Andd I dig it! Alice > ‘Vanilla-as-all-eff’ Blake! (The Cut)

Meryl Streep is the oldest Vogue cover model ever at 62 years old. The living icon covers the January issue of US Vogue in a spread shot by Annie Leibovitz. I guess this means Anna Wintour is over her portrayal as a Devil that Wears Prada? (Daily Mail)

Of all the red-carpet faux-pas, this is definitely the worst. Fergie, if the dress doesn’t fit you find another one! You don’t stuff yourself in, leave the zipper undone and then fill the gap with some random black fabric! Tacky times ten! (US Magazine)

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December 5, 2011

HEADLINES: Katy Perry is a Peach, Madonna Joins the Circus and Gwen & Gavin Make Hella Cute Kids.

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham didn’t realize who she was dealing with when she started a twitter war with Kourtney Kardashian. No worry, Scott and Khloe came to Kourt’s defence taking to their own twitter accounts to cuss out Farrah. Silly girl, don’t you know the Kardashians stick together? Power in numbers people. (People)

What do you think of Katy Perry’s shorter, lighter, peach coloured do? NOT getting divorced suits her! (Too Fab)

Anna Dello Russo has graced us with her brilliance in the form of 10 Christmas Party Rules. My fave?  #5: “Choose between HAT and MAKEUP. If you wear a hat keep fresh face otherwise you will looks like a transvestite.” Sound advice, I think! (

Eeks! I almost fainted when I found this photo. My favourite couple of the moment, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, went hiking & hugging in LA this weekend. Tell me they aren’t perfection! I dare you! (Just Jared)

It has been announced that Madonna will headline the Super Bowl halftime show. The only reason I am the slightest bit excited about this is because Madge reportedly collaborated with the creative team from Cirque du Soleil. Madge doing crazy gymnastics with circus folk? YES PLEASE! (Lifeline Live)

Could these kids possibly have more swag? You’re right, it’s NOT possible! The most stylish tots in the biz, Kingston and Zuma Rossdale, went Christmas shopping with mommy Gwen this weekend at Sears. Damn I want to kidnap Kingston SO bad! (Popsugar)

You can file this under; MUST WATCH. Check out the trailer for Alexa Chung’s new show 24 Hour Catwalk. This shit is intense. And these judges definitely put the ‘judge’ in judgemental a la Simon Cowell styles. Love it! (Fashionologie)

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October 18, 2011

HEADLINES: Nicki Minaj Does Lil’ Wayne, Miss Piggy is Draped in Designer Duds, and Blossom is Awesome.

Miss Piggy is having a serious fashion moment! With the new Muppet’s movie coming out soon our little Miss has been busy on the promotional circuit. From representing MAC to a fashion spread in In Style this little piggy is living in a sartorial dream. (The Cut)


Penn & Zoe are way more interesting than Penn & Blake. Yeah he is scruffier and his hair is too long but finally when I look at photos of him I don’t just see ‘Dan Humphries.’ Zoe is giving him an edge; an identity outside of Gossip Girl and I like it! (Popsugar)

According to Amanda Seyfried stunt heels are a thing. She explains to People magazine that, “they are half the size of the original design.” Okay, so essentially they are just shorter heels. What a tease, I thought she was implying they did magic or something! Bummer. (People)

Want to dress your lil ones like Kingston Rossdale? Because you should! That kid doesn’t just have style; he’s got swag!  No fear – Harajuku Mini for Target is here! Could those plaid pants be any cuter? (Lil Sugar)

Halloween Costume Idea: Nicki Minaj dressed as Lil’ Wanye! Our favourite Barb channels her fellow Young Money member in her new video for “Y.U. Mad.” Girl looks hot in dreads; is there anything she can’t pull of? The answer is no. (MTV Style)

One of our favourite girlies Chloe Moretz tells In Style that her mom still has final say on her wardrobe and does not let her buy designer clothes like Dolce & Gabbana.  In fact, Chloe says she still shops at the mall and frequents Urban Outfitters. How down-to-earth and refreshing! I’m looking at you Katie & Suri Cruise? (In Style)

Before she was on The Big Bang Theory or rocket scientist she was simply “Blossom.” And we loved her and her BFF Six dearly. Go back in time and appreciate 90’s style with Blossom’s fashion designer as she recounts what inspired the Awesome Blossom style. (Refinery 29)

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