March 28, 2012

HEADLINES: Clay Calls Out Rihanna, Christie Brinkley is Drama, and Franco is Fly as Fack.

This is Gangsta Franco. Wut chu lookin’ at brahhhh? read more…

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November 1, 2011

Hollywood's Shortest Marraiges

So, it was announced yesterday and we’ve all had 24 hours to digest and regroup. How are we all doing? read more…

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June 16, 2011

Mary-Kate is NOT Dating Kanye, Kim and Kris Continue to be Tacky and The Royals Officially Need a New Stylist. Here are your Style Headlines:

Two men were arrested near Joss Stone’s home in London on suspicion that they were plotting to kill the singer with a sword. I can’t make this shit up. (Huffpost Entertainment)

Britney Spears surprised her boyfriend Jason with a lap dance during a dress rehearsal for her Femme Fatale tour. Hot! However, Jason was just a stand in, as Brit will invite a lucky fan on stage to receive the real thing! Don’t you love when singers grind up on fans as part of their show? (PopEater)

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries registered for wedding gifts yesterday and the list is a sick joke. Not only will her registry piss you off, but its been reported that the famous fam stands to make $5 million plus off their wedding. Excuse me? Don’t get me wrong I would do almost anything to make $5 mil. but making money off your own wedding will never not be tacky. (Celebitchy)

The Olsen’s rep has confirmed that Mary-Kate is not hitting Kanye. Shocker. As if MK would ever stoop that low to pick up Amber Rose’s sloppy seconds. I am also having my doubts about this Ashley and JT situation. Wannabe actors just don’t seem like her type. (Amy Grindhouse)

Can the Royal family hire a new stylist please? There is not reason for this teal number. As there is not need for Camilla Parker-Bowles to wear re-runs. Don’t get me started on Beatrice and Pippa. (The Cut)

Devon Aoki and her fiancé James Bailey gave birth to a baby boy. Well SHE gave birth; you know what I mean. God that baby must be beautiful. Bailey tweeted about his little anniversary present saying, that, “He’s a blond right now with big blueberry eyes”. Adorable. (Fashionologie)

Style headlines exist because of Jessica Di Clemente. So check her out!

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