May 20, 2014

Tennis Outfits for Non-Tennis Players

We should not be denied the satisfaction of a squeaky-clean tennis outfit just because we don’t know the difference between receivers, rallies, or the dreaded lob. Since sportswear and fashion seem to be volleying on the same side of the net right now, it’s only logical that we turn to this English-born pastime for outfit inspiration. Neatly folded collars and skirts cut generously enough for athletic mobility for all! read more…

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January 10, 2014

Street Style Lookbook: Non-Sad Winter Blues

I know we’re in the thick of winter (and polar vortexes and ice quakes), but that doesn’t mean our sartorial game has to take a breather! If you’ve already given up on your resolutions to “eat clean” or “go to the gym every day lol”, maybe you should resolve to ~embrace~ your everyday reality (read: dressing for frigid temperatures) and make the best out of wind burn!!! read more…

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March 29, 2013

Street Style Lookbook: First Week of Spring

~Spring into spring~ with airy outerwear and warm weather accessories. In celebration of the first week of non-winter (woohoo!), stylish folk took to the streets of Toronto shedding their cold-weather layers and Cara-inspired toques. Here are six of our fave fashionable streetsters we spotted. Steal their springtime styles and join in on the warmer weather commemoration to the soundtrack of their top tunes. read more…

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June 4, 2011

Shia LeBeouf Tells it Like it is, Rehab is a Joke and Leo Rallies Behind Blake’s Booty. These and More of Today’s Headlines:

Tickets for Rihanna’s upcoming show in Toronto were featured on Groupon today, $76 for two tickets; that’s like 50% off. Times are tough out there for a mermaid who just released a questionable video and is rumoured to be reconciling with a douche from her past. (Groupon)

Shia LeBeouf is not one to sugar coat. In an interview with the LA Times Shia remained frank when asked about Megan Fox’s departure saying, “Megan developed this Spice Girl strength.” Meaning Michael Bay casts sex symbols and Fox wasn’t down. It’s an odd explanation given Fox’s gig at Armani and the fact that she has done little else since. I prefer to believe she was a twat who was told to kick rocks! (Huffpost Entertainment)

Amy Winehouse ditched rehab after less than a week of treatment. Sigh, give me strength Betty Ford! Between this crap and Lindsay Lohan’s ‘house arrest’ rehab has become just a detox to retox. (Amy Grindhouse)

Leo stands by his nudist girlfriend Blake Lively. Gossip Girl finally showed her face following her scandal and Leo was right there beside her. That’s a strong statement given Leo’s preference for privacy and his access to the catwalk’s finest. But somehow Blake’s got him hooked; I guess with a bod like that I shouldn’t be surprised. (Popsugar)

Andy Roddick is launching a collection with Lacoste. Good he’s finally found a day-job. Beause really his Lacoste-clad rock hard abs are his only strength on the court these days. (InStyle)

Courtney Cox continues to show her support for David Arquette joining him the other night at the Hollywood Roosevelt for some event. Given this picture of the two, I’d say Arquette has persuaded Cox to change her lifestyle and not the other way around. (OMG)

Tom Ford recounts his first days at YSL stating Yves himself sent him hate mail. Apparently Yves did not take well to Ford’s seemingly easy success for the brand and reacted by penning his grievances. Ford still has the hand written letters and says maybe he’ll publish them someday. I need someday to be today, nothing I like better then fashion house drama. Note to self; never ever put any shit talk in writing. (Refinery 29)

Written by the hilarious & talented Jessica Di Clemente

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