February 2, 2016

Valentines FORA Your Sweetie

DJ-Khaled-Valentine 2

Remember being a kid and setting up little Valentine’s Day mailboxes on your desk? You’d pass out candy and generic cards to your classmates and always save the special *large size* valentine for your crush. WOULD HE GET THE HINT? Would you get a large one in return!? It was always a ~sweet~ and ~mysterious~ day indeed.

As we grew up, most of us sadly stopped passing out Valentine’s Day cards and opted for buying discounted chocolate the day after February 14 instead  #GUILTY. FORA wants you to revisit those ~younger days~, so we came up with a few Valentine’s fit for millennials.

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July 28, 2014

Strange Man Buns That Intrigue

Anyone who knows me, knows I know my man buns. I’m kind of particular when it comes to the type of bun a man is sporting. However, I’m easily won over. Sure a perfect, low, artist’s man bun is basically a work of art, but the less than perfect buns out there also deserve a little lovin’. A curiously coiffed man bun inspires intrigue and fills us with wonder, so let’s take our hats off (or rather, their hats off), and applaud the weird man bun and the efforts made by their proprietors. read more…

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November 24, 2011

HEADLINES: Leo Returns to Modelizing, Roberto Cavalli Shows in Tel-Aviv, and Versace for H&M Round 2 is a Go.

OH, would you just knock it off already! Is rubbing salt in wounds your new MO? Angelina Jolie did an interview with 60 Minutes telling them she saves her ‘wild side’ for Brad. Like ew. Just because you have like 12 kids doesn’t mean you are any better than LeAnn ‘Home Wrecker’ Rimes. (People)

This is Leonardo DiCaprio’s new piece. Madalina Ghenea is her name and she’s a model from Romania. So Blake broke his heart and now he’s back on models! Maybe they are less … complicated. Anyway the question is; who would your rather? Blake vs. Madalina? (The Blemish)

Miley Cyrus was spotted outside a tattoo laser removal center yesterday. (Forgive me but it’s a slow news day being US Thanksgiving and all). Anyway Miley is just 19 and already removing tattoos. Well hold on, because her twenties are just around the corner! (The Superficial)

The second Versace for H&M collection is already a go because of the success of the first. Peep what’s next here. (Fashionologie)

Courtney Love showed up to the after-party for the FAMILY movie Hugo with her “pizza dough” tatas (their words, not mine) fully on display. What a class act! (Dlisted)

The city of West Hollywood has banned the sale of fur within its city limits. I’m sure all the high profile retailers in that area are thrilled! Oh, but leather is still cool. Phew. (The Cut)

Roberto Cavalli showed his spring 2012 collection for a second time; lending his name to the first Tel-Aviv Fashion Week in over 30 years. All eyes on Israel. (Huff Post Style)

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September 16, 2011

HEADLINES: Leo gives better face than Justin, Victoria Beckham forces Prada on Harper and Kate & Rimmel celebrate 10 years together..

Victoria Beckham is claiming that her 9-week old baby Harper already has an affinity for Prada. You know what else Harper likes? Sleeping, eating and pooping, so I wouldn’t trust her judgment. (US Weekly)

Thank God for the ALMA Awards eh? I mean how else would Jessica Alba ever win an acting award?  Too mean? (@jessicaalba)

So Evan Rachel Wood arrived at TIFF with a bruise on her face and her tooth in hand. Apparently she was dancing late night when someone elbowed her in the face and knocked her tooth out. Hmm … I smell fish. NOT BUYING IT! (People)

Kate Moss has launched a lipstick line with Rimmel in celebration of their 10 year working relationship. Good for them for sticking by Ms. Moss through thick and thin, addiction and rehab! (Daily Mail)

When it comes to coverboys it’s Leonardo Dicaprio > Justin Timberlake. Both boys posed their hardest for their covers, GQ and Esquire respectively, however JT could just not compete with Leo’s star power. Clint Eastwood trumps all; PERIOD! (Lainey Gossip)

Sexy! Lovebirds Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge took a walk in London yesterday and Tom just couldn’t keep his hands off … himself! I hope they didn’t hold hands after this. (PopSugar)

Check out this Alexander McQueen inspired fascinator! It’s sick and all but are we done with these things yet? Let’s wrap it up! (The Cut)

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