December 11, 2014

ICYMI: Ghosting / A PSA

Have you ever super secretly, quietly, and stEalThily left a party? No notice, no byes? Well, I haven’t, but apparently people do this and it’s called ghosting. This new (to me) street lingo about leaving social gatherings w/o a peep was shared with me at FORA editor Dani’s surprise b-day party (hehehehe) and then suddenly I was hearing it everywhere over the weekend that followed. Like it was following me……HAUNTING ME, even.

Because no, I do not approve of this term/action. My nosy personality requires me to know what everyone is doing and where everyone is at all times. #safetyinnumbers read more…

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November 25, 2014

BFF Bonding

Any girl with a true BFF knows the title entails so much more than just having just a number one pal. Your best friend has been there for you on every occasion: supporting you when you accidentally liked your crush’s profile picture from 3 years ago, being a wing woman extraordinaire, and having your back when you’ve got food stuck in your teeth. The amount of incriminating photos, videos and text messages you have of each other alone is reason enough that you two will stay best friends for the rest of your lives (keep your friends close and photo evidence from your awkward stage CLOSER). Celebrate your magical bond with these activities made X100000 better when done with a BFF. read more…

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November 20, 2014

A Guide to Holiday Drinks


Happy Holiday [drinks] season! Not only can you be festive by decorating your pad with fairy lights to the point of fire hazard (jk lol they’re all LED lights now, and if they’re not….pls visit your local Canadian Tire for some. Sincerely, your neighbours), but you can also celebrate this extremely freezing season with festive hot drinks to keep your body hydrated and hearts warm~*~*~

If you’re new to the holiday drinks game, I gotchu. However, please note that there’s some handy work involved. While I will probably be getting my fix from them big coffee chainz which u r more than welcomed to also (tryna maintain my gold member status SRY), I’ve compiled a little list of popular drinks and how you can DIY/make them from the comfort of yo kitchen ‘cause ain’t no season like gift-giving season to get thrifty and not spend $6 on a latte/flavoured espresso drank. read more…

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November 4, 2014

#MCM: Olly Alexander

Happy ambiguous day of the week! It doesn’t matter that it may not be a Monday, because Man Crushes are not just for Mondays—they are for forever (or until you’re over it).

But lemme introduce you to this English actor/musician/dreamboat with luscious baby curls and a face you’d want to take home to your parents. Watch his movies, listen to his music, and stalk his Instagram feed (like I’ve partially done for you below), and then imagine your life together doing cute things like bike riding and/or napping with cats. read more…

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October 29, 2014

There’s a Taylor Swift Song 4 That


Taylor Swift’s music goes with everything and anything – from filing your taxes, to filing your nails, or to filing your list of ex-boyfriends. So no, I’m not going to lie to you: I’m waiting on some sort of Taylor Swift-themed musical.

To continue tracking our overwhelming love for T-Sweezy, here’s another post that outlines that we are both dedicated and passionate and very very very convinced that Taylor Swift is the sole soundtrack to our (collective?) life. read more…

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October 24, 2014

FYI: Magical Workspaces


The most annoying expression of all time MAY be “cluttered desk, cluttered mind”. For most of us, a desk is bought with the expectation that it will be the surface where we write the next great American novel, memorize every digit of pi, or discover the cure for an international epidemic. These dreams usually plummet shortly after purchasing said desk (when it quickly becomes stained with nail polish and microwave pasta. This can’t be true for just me, right?)

Catch some well-deserved design envy for these magical offices, that don’t just serve as workspaces, but will actually inspire you to GETCHO $H!T DUN. read more…

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October 22, 2014



Every once in a while, you come across an artist that is just ~so cool~ and underrated you can’t help but want to share it with everyone you meet so when you scream “THIS IS MY JAM” people know who you’re talking about & can sing along to it with you. Danish queen Karen Marie Ørsetd, better known as (pronounced “moo”), is that artist, and if you don’t know her by now…well, your ears are totally missing out.

According to FB, she sings “electronic soul” and ”street-vibe indie pop,” which is actually the best way to describe her tunes—something to blast windows down, one hand on the steering wheel, but also when you’re feeling the solitudeZzz but still kinda wanna swing your arms around to a beat. Along with her cool-girl persona and style, she makes for the perfect #WCW (and let’s be honest, IRL BFF). She’s also making waves in the music scene, with multiple sold out shows throughout her North American tour. Let’s break down what makes her just so damn awesome. read more…

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October 14, 2014

Snack Time: Nutella Quick Bites


If you’re ~living la vida loca~, and aren’t “not a chocolate fan”, you probably have a jar of Nutella hanging around, STILLZ. You’ve probably also seen some crazy, super fancy recipes on the Interwebs (i.e. Nutella pop tarts, meringues, etc) but ain’t nobody got time to bake with three essays and a project. But the best thing about this hazelnut spread is that it tastes great with EVERYTHING, and you can spread it, freeze it, OR melt it. Here are some throw-together but super taste-a-licious ways to eat this popular and ~trendy~ spread that’s better than toast and won’t kill your study groove (lol). read more…

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June 1, 2014

Sunday Morning Moodboard: Minimalism


Here’s to keeping it under 140 characters. read more…

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March 13, 2014

FYI: Websites in the 2000s vs. Now

In the early 2000s, The Internet was not always the most aesthetically appealing or timely thing (remember going to load a page then going to eat dinner and it would be ALMOST fully loaded by the time you were done? I DO). Our beloved (and frequented) websites have had some major face-lifts over the years. How can we truly appreciate the beautiful web-design technology of today if we do not take a moment to remember the neon headers and underlined Times New Roman text that was the internet in the early 2000s? Take a moment, ~praise~ the web-design gods, and let the nostalgia wash over you. read more…

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