October 31, 2011

HEADLINES: Kim and Kris Divorce, Justin Bieber Ruins a Classic, and Lindsay Lohan Fails to Learn a Lesson (Yet Again!)

This is the problem with the world today. So Lindsay Lohan’s hard partying ways caught up to her in the form of some disgusting, raunchy, yellow teeth. And how does the world respond? By awarding her with free teeth cleaning services! This is exactly why this ne’er-do-well never learns anything.  (People)

It’s ridiculously long and definitely awkward but worth watching if you have ever wondered (like we have numerous times); what the heck does Lola’s voice sounds like? Well, shocker of all shockers she doesn’t have Madonna’s completely natural British accent. She’s also kind of funny. (Dlisted)

How in the hell did this little shit pull this off? A remix of All I Want for Christmas is You was just released featuring both Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber on the track. First of all, just because Halloween is over it doesn’t mean its Christmas. Second – only this kid would have the audacity to approach Mariah to remix this song. And only Mariah would be dumb enough to let him. (Too Fab)

Nicole Richie took to her Facebook page on Thursday to plead with her fellow girls not to dress slutty this Halloween. A noble message indeed. However, directly after typing that message the ‘retired’ party girl dressed up as J.Lo in a curve hugging velour bodysuit. Is this an oxymoron? (Us Weekly)

In the most appropriate news of the day; Gisele Bundchen covers the first ever issue of Harper’s Bazaar Brasil. Because if you launch a magazine in Brazil without Gisele on the cover; should you bother launching at all? (Fashionista)

That lasted, like, a minute! TMZ is reporting that Kim Kardashian will file for divorce from Kris Humphries this morning after only 72 days of marriage. If I was one of their wedding guests you better bet I would demand my gift of Hermes wedding china was promptly returned! 72 days does not a marriage make! (TMZ)

So she tricked us. Despite posting pictures of herself dressed up like a monkey, Heidi Klum arrived at her notorious Halloween bash actually dressed as a cavader from the Bodies exhibit. Elaborate and over-the-top; which is entirely typical. (Fabsugar)

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October 26, 2011

HEADLINES: Dina Lohan is Stupid, Iris Apfel is Mean, and Kanye West’s Fashion Career Isn’t Over?

Terry Richardson is one busy man with many, many doppelgangers. While shooting Beyonce recently for Harper’s Bazaar Terry took a time out to shoot some outtakes of Queen B fooling around with his signature glasses. This photo is now my desktop background. (Popsugar)

Whoa! Is Iris Apfel starting to lose it? They say dementia can manifest itself in aggression and I say that ‘they’ are right! The plagiarizing jewellery designer recently told the Telegraph that she wants to throw up when walking down 5th Avenue now because all the fat and ugly people don’t wear enough clothing. She goes on to say that stretch jeans over size 10 should be outlawed. Wow that’s gutless! Geeze, who peed in your cornflakes Iris? (The Cut)

Why am I not surprised that Dina Lohan has stooped to a new low? Because she’s a terrible person, that’s why! It seems mommy dearest is shopping around a personal memoir about Lilo’s partying and legal woes. Right, because that’s just what a good mother should do! Seriously, Mike and Dina never gave Lindsay a chance, did they?Throwing their daughter under the bus is their M.O. (Refinery 29)

So the Rolling Stone thinks that Kanye West’s fashion career isn’t dead … yet. It’s a point of view not shared by many, however, the article explores how he could have been more successful and ultimately concludes Kanye shouldn’t give up after only one attempt. No! Don’t encourage him! I don’t know if I can endure another disaster like that! (Rolling Stone)

Dior seems virtually unaffected by John Galliano’s racist tirade and departure from the brand. In fact, revenue is up 21%. Geeze people are weird, it’s like public indecency doesn’t even exist anymore. It’s just like when Kate Moss got caught doing coke and her career experienced a resurgence, although, I guess John Galliano’s career is still in question but I’m betting he will be just fine! (Fashionista)

So you know that depressing voice-over at the beginning of Rihanna’s We Found Love music video? That woman’s voice with the English accent, you know? Yeah it’s totally Agyness Deyn. (NY Fashion)

Good things come in pairs, right? Is that even an expression? Well, either way that doesn’t apply here. Because when handbags come in twos (specifically in two identical designs) it’s called plagiarism. I wonder how Marc Jacobs will respond. (The Purse Blog)

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October 21, 2011

HEADLINES: Lindsay Lohan is a Hot Mess Minus the Hot, Alexa Chung has “It Girl Problems”, and Anna Wintour’s Travel Routine is Exhausting.

Stacey Kiebler and George Clooney continue their dominance of red carpets everywhere with an appearance at the London premiere of The Descendents last night. This is hands down my favourite look Stacey has rocked thus far. However, there really wasn’t much competition. George would you hire her a stylist already? I miss Elisabetta! (Popsugar)

Yikes! So Lindsay Lohan’s fifth mugshot, yeah I said fifth, has been circulating and let me tell you kiddies – it isn’t good! This is not how a 25 year old should look! This photo might just be the best deterrent for drug use I’ve ever seen. (People)

Ashley Greene has been named they new face of DKNY; a role she describes as, “an organic fit.” First of all I hate when celebrities use words like ‘organic’ incorrectly. ‘Organic’ is not a synonym for ‘natural’ in every context! Get your publicist a thesaurus! Second, don’t you dare try to convince us for a second that fashion is your passion. Why must everyone strive to be a multi-hyphenate?  (In Style)

Oh man, maybe it’s just been a long week but is Tavi Gevinson getting funnier? Either way this DIY post just made me legitimately laugh out loud at my desk. Whether it was laughter out of delirium or out of genuine funny bone tickling; it’s definitely worth a read on this dreary Friday. (Rookie)

So this oil spill is really messing with the penguins in New Zealand. I shit you not! So if you have any spare time this weekend; knit a sweater & save a penguin! (The Frisky)

Some say this is smart; I say this is ridiculously unnecessary. Apparently when Anna Wintour travels she boards a plane wearing a dress, goes to the washroom once the flight takes off and changes into jeans, and then before she de-planes she changes back into the original dress (de-plane is a word, I checked). Really? Is it that horrible if you are seen in public wearing jeans? Some people … I swear. (Gawker)

Champange, white girl, guido, meatball, and now ‘It girl problems.’ Alexa Chung is responsible for the latest and most conceited addition to the ‘problem’ catch phrase family. (The Cut)

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October 13, 2011

HEADLINES: Jean Paul Gaultier Calls Wintour “Monstrous”, Drew Barrymore Produces Lesbian Angels, and Lindsay Lohan Does the Impossible; Looks Descent.

Oh shit! Jean Paul Gaultier has some scathing words for Anna Wintour; calling her more ‘monstrous’ than Meryl Streep’s character Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. When asked if Anna is a positive figure in fashion JPG responded vaguely, “she is a figure.” Oooo burn! Don’t look for any JPG fashions on the cover of Vogue any time soon. (Fashionologie)

Julianne Hough showed up to the NYC premiere of her new movie (well re-make) Footloose in a tuxedo dress by Rachel Zoe. BTW the film is getting approximately 70% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes; huh? WHY? Anyways, Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend looked sexy but not too naked. Good job, he trained you well! (Popsugar)

Ratings are low; what do you do? Add some lesbian kissing! Photos have surfaces of Minka Kelly kissing her Charlie’s Angels co-star Rachael Taylor on the set of their ABC show. Hey, it worked for The O.C.! Producer Drew Barrymore must be so proud! (HuffPost Entertainment)

Lindsay Lohan attended the premiere of Saints Row: The Third (it’s a video game apparently) on Wednesday night in Hollywood. This girl would attend the opening of a cereal box these days.  Anyhow, don’t get mad ok? But I think she looks good. Again, keep in mind ‘good’ is a relative term. But there are angles; glimmers of attractiveness and for Linds that is huge! (Just Jared)

So Michael Douglas and Matt Damon are set to star in a Liberace biopic? Really? Michael will play the flamboyant music legend and Matt is set to play his lover. There is nothing about this movie I DON’T want to see. (Lifeline Live)

The topknot rages on for another season; this time atop our fave gal Elizabeth Olsen’s head. The rest of her body looks good too in head to toe in Alexander McQueen. (Style Bistro)

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October 11, 2011

Hey, Quick Question…

This time with excessive cleavage, snakeskin, uncalled for Uggs, and a little LiLo. read more…

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October 7, 2011

Awesome People Hanging Out Together: KANYE WEST EDITION

Yeah, we know; we’re sorry! Forgive us for shoving this so called ‘fashion’ in your face again. Just look away from the fur backpack with unnecessarily long leather strings and focus on the front row. Focus on the Awesome (with the exception of LiLo) People Hanging Out Together! read more…

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October 4, 2011

HEADLINES: Wooooo! Wu Teams with Target, Ungaro Survives Plague Lohan, and The Ugg Boot is the New Grinch That Stole Christmas.

Look books and runway shows no longer cut it in this business; now you need a film! Not just a video, a film! Here’s the latest from Miu Miu, a film by Bruce Weber entitled “Portrait of Hailee” featuring the breath-taking Hailee Steinfeld. Seriously, I think I just fell in love (as much love as you can be in with a 14 year old minor).  (Fashionologie)

Wowza! Kristen Stewart looks stunning on the cover of GQ UK rocking a black retro bikini and her darker Snow White locks. See you don’t need to show your lady bits in order to be sexy; this is sexy and she’s basically wearing granny panties. You hear me Snooki? (PopSugar)

Well, it turns out she bent the shit out of the place, but did not break it. Emanuel Ungaro was able to find life after Hurricane Lindsay as was displayed yesterday at their runway show in Paris. This is an unbelievable feat; I mean really, how do you recover from star shaped pasties? (

Joe’s Jeans is celebrating 10 years of making kick-ass jeans by making EVEN MORE kick-ass jeans. Their anniversary Joe’s Wild Collection will offers a mix of their best-selling styles in a limited-edition leopard print fabric. Betcha Khloe Kardashian already has 7 pairs! (In Style)

The Cut isn’t messing around. With all the hoopla (yeah, I said “hoopla”) surrounding Kanye West’s fashion debut, The Cut has paired down all the bullshit into an easy to read point form verdict: what he did right and what he did wrong. The number of pros and cons are pretty equal; however, one of the pros is that he didn’t name his line “Kanye’s Kollection” so … you know. (The Cut)

They just won’t die! The latest rebirth of the Ugg-ly boot is in the form of an Ugg boot Christmas stocking. Seriously mates? Can someone please just order a hit on these things and be done with it? We’ve suffered enough. (Refinery 29)

After unparalleled success with Missoni, Target has announced its next collaboration will be with Jason Wu. Woooo! I smell another crash coming. The collection is set to debut in February of next year. Gahhh five months will seem like a lifetime! (Elle)

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September 27, 2011

HEADLINES: Lizzie is ‘It’, Anna is Desperate, and Nancy Grace Lets It All Hang Out, Literally!

Lindsay Lohan got a job! Huge news in and of itself. The job is modelling for Philipp Plein. Modelling? Is this her new official occupation? Anyway don’t pee your pants yet because, really, who the heck is Philipp Plein? Exactly. And guess who LL’s predecessor was. Miss Mischa Barton circa last year! Yeah, that’s just embarrassing Linds. (Lainey Gossip)

Page Six is reporting that Anna Wintour is desperate to have Duchess Kate Middleton pose for the cover of US Vogue. Apparently she has gone as far as asking photographer Mario Testino to put in a good word as he photographed to Royal Couple’s engagement photos.  Anna desperate? That’s a first! (Celebitchy)

Elizabeth Chase Olsen covers the October issue of Nylon magazine. Lizzie (the one-time real estate agent) covers Nylon’s ‘It Girl Issue’ and we couldn’t think of a better choice. She’s ‘It’ indeed! (Nylon)

The newest trend in the red carpet world? Celebrities wearing runway looks BEFORE they hit the runway! Remember that heinous midriff bearing dress Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the Emmys on Sept. 18th? Well it ended up hitting the runway at Pucci’s Spring show on Sept. 24th! Bet she wish it didn’t cause it looks a hell of a lot better on the model! (Fashionista)

Stylish little monsters rejoice! Lady Gaga and Nicola Formichetti are at it again! The two are shooting a video together to be premiered tomorrow at the Mugler Spring 2012 fashion show. No word on the content yet, but you bet your bottom dollar it will be a shocking spectacle (as usual). (Lucky)

Models doing good! It’s a rare headline to read but definitely a welcome one. Freja Beha Erichsen is one such model who is using her popularity to generate funds for charity; Docters Without Borders. To clarify; Freja is not a doctor (I thought that too when I originally read this story) she is simply a beautiful person doing beautiful things. Brava! (Modelina)

The one nip-slip you would never EVER want to see happened last night. DWTS’s competitor Nancy Grace let her right nip slip immediately after her performance last night as she approached the judges table to receive her scores. Nance you are no Janet Jackson, get it together! (Too Fab)

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