December 17, 2014

Clean & Clear presents #FORAFORAVER: Best of Beauty Transformations


We’ve always encouraged you to be yourself, but we’ve also encouraged you to transform your face into other faces (for special occasions and also your everyday realities etc). Continuing down the road of ~THE BEST OF FORA + CLEAN & CLEAR~, we’ve got the best of the best beauty transformations for ya!  read more…

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May 2, 2014

In The Makeup Room With Lucky: Lana Del Rey Inspired Prom Makeup Tutorial

We want to listen to her new album. We want to go to her sold-out show. We want to look like her. We want to feel like her. We want to be her. Yes, it’s safe to say that years after breaking out onto the scene, we are still Lana Del Rey obsessed. After all, This /obsession/ Is What Makes Us Girls.

If you feel the same way (and are going to prom this year), you should probably try this LDR-inspired makeup look – because you’ll be sure to be the belle of the ball when you’re Off To The Races.

Disclaimer: **This look is best not worn with Blue Jeans** read more…

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April 25, 2014

MTV FORA: PROM Beauty Look Book

Led by our ~colour theory-centric~ prom lookbook, it’s clear to see that here at FORA, we’re vying for an untraditional prom. And, whether or not you’re leaping through the air or holding bouquets of flowers that match your monochromatic outfit, a fresh face with pops of colour will always guarantee that you’ll be *the belle of the ball*.

If you’re seeking some face-type inspiration this prom season, read ahead so you can emulate FOUR pretty looks that span across ~the beauty~ spectrum – from hair to makeup to smizes. read more…

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March 11, 2014

In The Studio With Lucky: Spring Break ~Beachy~ Makeup Tutorial

After watching Spring Breakers, I’m unable to completely remove the image of James Franco repeatedly whispering “SPRANGGG BREAK” into my ear. Fortunately, Lucky is here to ~save the day~ and grace my retinas with a sweet and glowy makeup look (completely void of smudged eyeliner a la Ashley Benson) – perfect for the beach/frolicking around doing very wholesome and happy spring break activities (read: reenacting favourite moments from The O.C. etc).

If you, too, now struggle with spring break dreams tainted by the aforementioned/controversial spring break flick, you should probably watch this good and great tutorial – because 1) being a *glowing* *beach* *goddess* has never been so attainable and 2) why WOULDN’T you want to learn how to wear makeup to the beach in non-lame ways?!? read more…

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February 27, 2014

Lucky's Beachy Beauty Essentials

After MONTHS of wishful thinking and battling a polar vortex, SPRING IS HERE!!!! No more losing mittens and ruining a good hair day with a toque! This spring’s beauty trends are gorgeously optimistic and the perfect way to celebrate ~spring break~. Here are my must-haves to look gorgeous and on trend while we enjoy some sunshine! read more…

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January 28, 2014

30 Shades of Lips

If you guys know anything about us , you’ll know that there’s nothing we enjoy more than ~beautifying~ our pout with unconventional colours. After all, remember when we told y’all that your lipstick colour of choice reflects who u are… AS A PERSON? Yeah, well, we’re not really sure what 30 shades of lip colours in 1 minute and 15 seconds means, but we painted Liz Trinnear‘s lips every variety of R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. anyway.

PS: After that, we proceeded to make her eat chocolate, spit Skittles, blow glitter, hand model, and DANCE.

PPS: We also pelted her with coloured feathers at one point, but I suppose that’s an entirely different story. read more…

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January 22, 2014

Beauty And A Beat (Part 2): The Best Headphones And Our Favourite Music-Inspired Beauty

Once upon a time, we expressed our love for both music and makeup by decorating a pretty face to look like some of our favourite album art. However, this time around, we got lovely the Lucky Bromhead to make Phoebe Dykstra look like 4 of our favourite musical artists. Not literally, of course…but close enough.

Alongside 4 different pairs of headphones (because 1. headphones are awesome and 2. ~experiencing~ music while still looking ~stylish~ is important), check out these c00l beauty looks that you can try out the next time you feel like emulating ur favourite musical ladygirl! From Miley’s /natural/ face to M.I.A.’s (not-so-natural) green lipstick, there will def be a look 4 u and u and also U!!! read more…

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November 12, 2013

HOW TO BE: Tres French

They say you always want what you can’t have – and our affinity for all things French is probably no exception. Though an aggressive love for baguettes and a growing stash of Eiffel Tower-related paraphernalia definitely comes part-and-parcel with our Parisian appreciation, today’s focus doesn’t stray too far away from a longterm desire to channel the effortless elegance of Clemence Poesy and the undeniable sex appeal of Brigitte Bardot. read more…

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October 22, 2013

Lady Gaga 'Applause' Halloween Makeup Tutorial

We love 1) Lady Gaga, 2) applauding, 3) getting applauded for and 4) face paint – so it seemed like a no-brainer to take all of these great things and apply them to two more great things – Halloween and Phoebe Dykstra.

This spooky season, deck yourself out in the most ~artistic~ and ~musical~ costume ever (while also being #economical and reusing that white sheet you used last year when you were a ghost). Using Phoebe’s face as a canvas, makeup extraordinaire Lucky guides you through the completion of this very casual (and very relevant) look so you, too, can hear all of the applause on the 31st! read more…

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October 9, 2013

Beauty And A Beat: Makeup Inspired By Album Art

We love sweet tunes and even sweeter album art – so naturally, when given the chance to pair these two elements with our favourite face-painting products, we will jump at the opportunity. We hung out with Lucky and watched her recreate sweet, sassy (and sometimes scary) looks inspired by 5 of our favourite album art situations of the moment…so if you’re looking for a Halloween costume (or just looking for a new makeup routine in general), take a gander! PS: Contrary to the title, there’s no Justin Bieber here. read more…

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