June 23, 2015

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Rashida Jones


Rashida Jones, better known as Karen Filipelli and/or Ann Perkins, beautiful tropical fish who’s as smart as a whip and cool under pressure (according to her bestie Leslie Knope) covers this month’s WIRED magazine. She writes about how to be happy at your job: accepting failure, work/life balance, and writing. We’ve listed a five things you didn’t know about one of Hollywood’s favourite creatives.

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May 12, 2015


newsfeaturePrint is the new black. More and more brands and retailers have launched their own lifestyle magazines. the results are more i-D mag and Esquire rather than Sears catalogues. Here are some of our favourite brand-associated publications–from fashion powerhouses like Acne Studios’ Acne Paper to small boutiques like NYC-based Saturdays Surf shop’s Saturdays Magazine.

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April 2, 2015


NEWSSTAND1At FORA, we’re strong believers that print will NEVER DIE. Nothing will ever replace the feeling of holding a magazine in your hands, flipping through the pages, dog-earring your favourite articles and ripping out the “6 Moves to Flatten your Tummy in 6 Weeks…and KEEP IT!” to stick on your fridge next to the A&W coupons.  read more…

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December 24, 2014

#FORAFORAVER: Best Magazine Covers of 2014


Nothing beats magazine stands in bookstores. Print isn’t dead! All these glossies are still alive and vibin’ with inspirational faces and #goals. This year, we were blessed with a myriad of beautiful, raunchy, and ~controversial~ covers that pretty much all #broketheinternet – if we gonna be real here. Let’s take a look! read more…

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December 28, 2012

The 12 Best Magazine Covers of 2012

The countdown continues, and this time it’s the top 12 fashion magazine covers of 2012.  They may be off the shelves now, but they are ones to remember! read more…

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November 29, 2012

Throwback: The Most Iconic Magazine Covers Of All Time

Believe it or not the first issue of Vogue was published all the way back in 1892, and the first Harper’s Bazaar before that in 1867!  Since then, there have been tons of famous covers from equally famous magazines, with some very famous people. In case you don’t know or remember them, here they are. They’re all very ~iconic~. read more…

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May 16, 2012

TRENDING: Naked Pregnant People

Another day, another pregnancy. Which means, another pregnant person on the cover of a magazine. Naked. Imagine this pose if one was not pregnant… exactly. That said, here’s a round-up of 10 famous naked pregnant people… You’re welcome? read more…

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April 3, 2012

The Cat Covers

Fact: Animals make everything 100% better.  And cats make everything 108% better. So we made all these magazine covers 108% better. #catlife read more…

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January 31, 2012

TRENDING: Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks: The awkward trend made popular by preppy professionals from the 50s to 90s has officially made a comeback. Maybe this trend is just a designer’s tribute to the late Steve Jobs? (P.S. We advise those with particularly large heads or short necks to, um, stay away from this trend, if possible.) read more…

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January 13, 2012

5 Of This Month's Covers That Made Us Go ???

This month in strange magazine covers… read more…

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