June 2, 2011

Starlets are Trying to Make Mini Horses the New Chihuahua, Blake Lively is a Liar and FHM Crosses the Line into Unforgivable. These headlines and more:

Wiz Khalifa took a page from Jay-z’s book and professed his love for his “little munchy wunchy crumb cake” on his blog. Kanye’s pain is Wiz’s gain. (The LVLS!X)

What is with everyone and mini horses lately? Rachel Antonoff is the latest celebrity to embrace these little nuggets. As if the mini-horse is the new teacup pup, an accessory for the rich and famous. Screw that, it’s not a ‘my little pony’. You can’t dress it up with glitter, paint and stickers! We don’t live in CandyLand!  (Refinery 29)

Nicole Richie has released her Winter Kate Fall 2011 Lookbook, and it’s good. Typical Nic, bohemian 70’s with a twist. However, these hemlines are probably suitable for L.A. fall, but my fellow Canadians and I are probably going to have to pull out the leggings. (Fabsugar)

Vogue Italia’s Franca Sozzani has followed through with her initiative (kind of) to feature content for all women by casting three ‘plus-sized’ models on the cover of her June issue. Amazing! However I’ve spoken out before about her website design being rather contradictive. I say lose all the titles, they’re not “Black models” or “plus-sized models” they’re just models. And for the record – vet Crystal Renn is a model, period. No adjectives needed. (Fashionologie)

More nudie pictures of Blake Lively were released this morning in response to the denials from Blake’s camp, which begs the question ‘who is behind this?’ Was it a resentful Penn, or a ‘Super Producer’ trying to regain control over his Marchesa wearing starlet (yup, that’s a hint)? And how is Leo going to react? My girl Lainey is ALL over it. (Lainey Gossip)

FHM removes article about Andrej Pejic that accompanied his listing as #98 on their “Sexiest Women in World” list. However, StyleCaster has dug up the vanished article and it isn’t pretty. FHM called Andrej a ‘thing’, a ‘gender bender’ and commented that if he were to pose for Victoria’s Secret “pass the sick bucket.” Seriously? I freaking need a ‘sick bucket’ after reading this puke-worthy ignorance. (Style Caster)

So now Thailand wants to ban tourists from getting Buddha tattoos. First of all that’s racist if it’s only a ban on ‘tourist’ because it implies all tourist are incapable of respecting or practicing Buddhism. Second of all, the majority of the world is secular now, so if you want to continue to be a tourist country you need to follow suit. Imagine if the Pope just flat out banned all tattoos of crosses, prayers, pictures of Jesus and angels etc.? Please don’t act like you’re the only ones experiencing religion’s merge into popular culture. Pick your freaking battles! (Huffpost World)

Wit. Sarcasm. Hilarity: Jessica Di Clemente

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