April 18, 2013


With prom season just around the corner, what better way to ~get into the groove~ than with an emoji-filled, MTV Fora Look Book?! Taking you through 7 super fun/super cool/super flashy looks from #seapunk to The Virgin Suicides, get PROM inspired with high and low $$$ options (so there’s something for you no matter your budget)! And, while you’re at it, join in the conversation… because the plethora of flying cats said so, DUH. read more…

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April 5, 2013

Street Style Lookbook: Layering 101

STEP ONE: Mix n’ match your way into warmer weather! This week’s Street Style Stars remind us that spring is all about the layering game. Simply /pile on the style/ with an eclectic mix of vintage shades, thrifted add-on, and printed awesomeness because anything goes! The more, the merrier (and stylish-er?)!

STEP TWO: Soundtrack your revamped dressing routine to an equally as diverse playlist as chosen by our featured trendsetters.

Congratulations, you are ready to take on the world! (or at least skewl~)
read more…

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May 10, 2011

Nine West is Unclear on the Meaning of ‘Vintage’, Russell Brand Wears Tighty-Whities in Miami and Rihanna is Censored in Kuwait. This and more in today's Style Headlines…

Mrs. Jack White is designing a Vintage American Line for Nine West because she loves “vintage and femininity.” How do you design something vintage? It’s either vintage or its newly designed; it can’t be both. Perfect! That makes as much sense as Sean Avery interning at Vogue. Anna is giving into celebrity increasingly since the days of the Supermodel are decreasing. Sigh; times are a changing. (FabSugar).

There is competitive and then there is excessive. Gucci’s Spring Collection landing 50 magazine covers; that’s excessive. I mean if they were going to over do it at least do 50 different looks. I don’t ever want to see the same thing twice. (Fashionista)

Russell Brand was caught in Miami tanning in his tighty-whitey’s. Because a Speedo just wouldn’t be revealing enough. (PopSugar)

So apparently brides are now obsessed with re-living their Kate Middleton fantasies. Yeah, because that’s romantic, a theme wedding where everyone has to wear a stupid hat and speak in an English accent and you’ve sent your fiancé to the barber shop to get the Prince William “bald spot” do. (The Cut)

The Met’s McQueen Exhibit reigns supreme as the most popular exhibit ever. Somewhere up there an angel dressed in plaid and combat boots is smiling. (Vogue)

Rihanna’s visible chest in her new perfume ad for Reb’l fleur get’s covered up in Kuwait. Not only is girl getting censored but her latest video has been banned in 11 countries. There’s being a reb’l and then there is being black-listed; you’re walking a fine line RiRi. (Stylelist)

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