October 26, 2012

HEADLINES: Karl Hires a 15-Year-Old, Celebrity Pumpkin Boobs are a Thing, and The Coveteur #FTW

#DKM The Coveteur. This video is everything. Mini-fashionistas at their MOST hilarious. read more…

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October 16, 2012

HEADLINES: LC and Oprah Model and Impress, Tyra and Rachel are Getting Sitcoms, and The Fantasy Bra is Just Plain Fugly.

Now this is a LC I can get on board with. She looks … hot! I swear one more top knot on that Orange County/California Girl/Laguna/Beachy Blonde head and I was gonna lose it bigtime. read more…

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October 2, 2012

HEADLINES: Vanna White Will 80s Your Eyes Off, Brit is Back on Top, and Now You Can Shop At the Movies.

Oy Vey, Vanna White’s Worst Hits List makes my eyes bleed. read more…

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May 25, 2012

HEADLINES: The Satorialist Complains, Britney Walks Off Set, Cindy Crawford Defies Aging.

Complaining about front row seats … #fashionbloggerproblems. Scott Schuman isn’t a very grateful human being. My money is on a Napoleon Complex being the core issue. read more…

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March 23, 2012

HEADLINES: Oprah Fails, Snooki Prepares for Motherhood and LDR Might Be Dating Marilyn Manson.

This couple might be happening. So, there’s that. read more…

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March 19, 2012

HEADLINES: Bieber Gets Boxed, Karl Talks Sh*t, and Lindsay Arrests Herself (For a Change).

Voluntary house arrest? Yeah, that’ll work. Because self-restraint/control have always been her strong suit. (Us Magazine)

Lady Gaga announces to the media that she’s done talking to the media. (HuffPost Entertainment)

Those Kardashians gift each other some weird azz presents. (The Insider)

I’m seriously not a fan of all this Kool-Aid coloured hair! I mean if you’re NOT Nicki Minaj it’s probably NOT working for yah. (Too Fab)

Capes are clearly having a moment. It grinds my gears SO hard that I don’t live in a fairy tale land where capes are standard uniform. (Fab Sugar)

Sh*t Karl Says, Part Trois! And in this rare case it seems the 3rd instalment to the trilogy is the juiciest! I couldn’t say the same for, say, Mighty Ducks 3. And don’t get me started on Home Alone 3. (Lainey Gossip)

How did I not know Olivia Palermo had a style blog? And why did I expect her to ACTUALLY write its posts? (Olivia

Girls, stop crying. It’s just a photo shoot. (Complex)

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February 14, 2012

HEADLINES: Hats are Back, Bikinis Are Shrinking, and Anna Sui Makes Coach Tackier (Yes, It’s Possible!)

I have a serious wardrobe issue with GQ’s latest spread featuring Jennifer Anniston and Paul Rudd. Did she have to be SO naked? While he’s wearing a full suit, no less. And if you’re going to a do a bra, DO a bra! The boring black is just not doing it for me. P.S. who knew Paul was so hip, name checking Devendra Banhart – nice! (GQ)

Rihanna’s Grammy manicure cost $5,000. FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS! Psh, and I think it’s ridiculous when my mani/pedi costs more than $45. (People)

Oprah tells off a Whitney hater over Twitter. Man, I love the Internet. (Buzzfeed)

Can someone please tell me when panty liners became the new bikini bottom? (USA Today)

So I take it hats are back. (FabSugar)

Joseph Altuzarra has invited Lana Del Ray to the Met Ball. Hate to join the haters but, WHY? She is not worthy! The things I would do to attend the Met Ball … (Fashionista)

Anna Sui has been tapped to redesign Coach’s Duffle Sac. In her own words, “The Anna Sui version adds a boho feeling with Whipstitching, big tassels and appliquéd Art Nouveau dragonflies.” Because Coach bags haven’t gotten tacky enough? (The Gloss)

So what do you when you are not invited to the Grammy’s? You get desperate and end up crashing NYFW looking like this. (Too Fab)

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November 9, 2011

HEADLINES: Manolos are Made Out of Cocaine in Colombia, Oprah & Jay-Z are Making Moves, and Katie Holmes Dresses Like Poop For a Reason.

Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz is publishing a 700 page book/tome; due out sometime next year. That’s just like designers eh? 700 effing pages! Only designer’s have egos big enough to support a project like this. (Lucky)

Drug dealers in Spainthought it would be a good idea to smuggle cocaine from Colombiato Spainin the form of a fake Manolo Blahnik pump. Yeah, because shipping an excess number of Manolos fromColombia toSpain isn’t suspicious? Use your head! (Huff Post Style)

Missoni wants to relive the wild success they experienced with Target except this time with Macy’s. See what I mean? Collaboration overload! Two collaborations per designer label per year and no more – leave us wanting more! I mean, how much zig-zag can one person wear? (Fashionista)

Jay-Z’s champagne ($300) is featured in Oprah’s Favourite Things this year. His book Decoded was featured on last year’s. These two have been in cahoots for a good while – it’s a brilliant business decision on both their parts. Side note: 3 Oprahs on the cover is 2 Oprahs too many. Is it big ego day today? (People)

Hugh Hefner says Linday Lohan’s Playboy spread is “very classy.” Sorry Grandpa but that’s an oxymoron. (Lifeline Live)

Forget the break-up – what in heaven’s name is she wearing? My girl Chelsea looks like she’s about to go scuba diving … with a camel toe! How did Jennifer Aniston allow this train wreck to happen? (Celebitchy)

Katie Holmes took out Suri for her daily bribery shopping trip yesterday, this time at American Girl, in some seriously hideous shoes. Does she dress herself like this on purpose? Is it a form of rebellion? Is she grasping at her last semblance of control? Too dramatic? Either way the shoes gots to go! (Popsugar)

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July 18, 2011

Katie Holmes Attends Romy and Michelle’s High School, Marios Schwab Gets a Win Whilst Halston Mayhem and Kayne West is Coming to a Runway Near You. These are Today’s Style Headlines.

Now this is swag. Who else could pull off pink soccer shoes that bear the names of your 4 children and still look hot as hell? Hmm … NO ONE! (TMZ)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been killing the red carpet while promoting Transformers 3 this last month. But this black leather backless sheath with lace trim is probably my favourite. I’ve never seen leather be so wearable. Praise Marios Schwab! He could use a win. (Popsugar)

Katie Holmes are you freaking kidding me? Seriously, are you Romy or Michelle? Posh is going to disown you after this one, although I suspect she already has. (Just Jared)

“Kinky” is a dirty word in more than one context. Just ask Oprah! (Stylelist)

Mr. Portman’s YSL fragrance ad has been revealed, and I hate it! Shocker. Seriously though all I see is forehead, or should I say fivehead. (Huffpost Style)

The most predictable divorce ever will NOT affect J.Lo’s and Marc’s Kohl’s clothing lines. Oh well, thank god! Tragedy averted. (The Cut)

Brace yourself kids, Kanye West is adding ‘designer’ to his resume. (Elle UK)

Whoa! Seventeen you saucy minx, you’ve gotten around! My favourite has to be Diane ‘Cat Lady’ Lane. (HuffPost)

Written by the hilarious & talented Jessica Di Clemente

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May 20, 2011

Iris Apfel is Being Accused of Plagiarism; I’d Call it Alzheimer’s. Meanwhile Gwyneth Paltrow’s Legs Belong at the Jersey Shore and Forbes Thinks Lady Gaga is More Powerful Than Oprah. These and Other Style Headlines.

Iris Apfel has been accused of ripping off a Hanna Bernhard Toucan brooch in her newest HSN Collection and Hanna isn’t taking this lying down. She took to her own blog, and enlisted friend Jane Aldridge, to publically shame Iris. First of all, that brooch is ugly … jus sayin’. Secondly, Iris is basically a freaking fossil. Isn’t it possible that the old timer is just confused? (Sea of Shoes)

Gwyneth Paltrow’s legs look like they’ve gotten the Jersey Shore treatment. I’m serious it looks like Dj Pauly D rang out his pillowcase on her shins. (Racked)

Yikes! Anna Dello Russo shakes her non-existent booty and tells us all, “we need a fashion shower,’ whatever that means. So much fontrum. (Tokyo Fashion Diaries)

Seriously I am about to lose it with this Botox ‘Mom’. She has surpassed the top spot on my shit list and has been inducted into the Shit List Hall of Shame. How the hell did you figure you were going to make money off pretending to abuse your daughter? Idiots I tell you. (TMZ)

Forbes says that Lady Gaga has dethroned Oprah as the most powerful celebrity, citing Gaga’s ‘social media presence’ as the deciding factor. Sure Gaga has a lot of facebook friends but who is going to be on Air Force One with Obama getting the hell out of here when the world ends? Opes that’s who. Maybe Gaga could take cover in her egg? (Refinery 29)

Jennifer Lawrence has become brunette for her role as Katniss in the Hunger Games film. Praise Jesus, now I can finally stop mistaking her for Stephanie Pratt. (Stylelist)

If you haven’t checked out the crazy hilarious Jessica Di Celemente: DO IT NOW.

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