August 22, 2017

Serving Looks: Tennis-Inspired Outfits

Tennis is having a ~moment~, and we’re kind of in love with it. With summer coming to a close, you still have some time to channel your inner Serena Williams. So to get the ~ball rolling~ we’ve provided you with five different tennis-inspired looks to up your end-of-summer wardrobe game. Check’em out under the cut!

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March 5, 2013

Our Favourite Fashion Females’ Instagrams A.T.M.

A is for Amaro. B is for Brannan. And #tbt is an excuse to embarrass long-time friends with some not-so-hot pics you dug out of an old yearbook. It’s Instagram city (or would that be #instacity?) up in the cyber world, there’s no denying this. If you’re still into the Instagram Jam and not really digging the whole Vine thing, check out some of our favourite go-to fashion darlings on the Instagram A.T.M. and get #insta-inspired. #yay. read more…

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January 8, 2013

How To Be: The Best Kind Of Tomboy

Urban Dictionary’s definition of a “tomboy” is a girl who behaves like a boy and would rather play soccer than go shopping. Hmm… I can assure you that the girls on this list do love to shop but also happen to have don’t-mess-with-me, tomboy status — hello female liberation, people. Every girl goes through a tomboy stage at least once in her lifetime, and if you haven’t you will after reading this post and realizing how ridiculously ~cool~ you could look. read more…

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September 28, 2012

Outfit Inspo: Screw Labour Day, Wear All-White

It is not often you see someone wearing head-to-toe white. Is it because of all the unwritten rules regarding the colour? Never wear a white dress to a wedding; don’t wear white in the rain; white always gets dirty; and of course no white after Labor Day. In my opinion no season should be deprived of white, and if your white cloths get dirty YOLO that’s what drycleaners are for. read more…

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September 21, 2012

OUTFIT INSPO: Non-Boring All-Black

The best colour (okay hue) ever invented was black, and whoever came up with the idea that black is boring was clearly mistaken. These street-snapped individuals prove that dressing head-to-toe black can by chic and anything but boring. read more…

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September 14, 2012

#FF: Pony Hunter

I know we often joke that a photographer boyfriend is imperative for a successful fashion blog… but in the case of Laura Allard-Fleischl, a photographer (and self proclaimed pony-hunter) hailing from New Zealand, it is more than evident that the eerie, whimsical and nostalgic qualities of her work are meticulously translated into her blog photos by her own hands. read more…

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September 7, 2012

#FF: Moiminnie

22 year old Serbian textile and fashion design student Milica (better known as Minnie) is the brainchild behind the aesthetically whimsical blog Moiminnie. When her time isn’t taken up with freelance styling work or illustration jobs, Minnie creates her own designs and documents the things that inspire her in life through her killer camera work (she can even make a rotten banana look cool). read more…

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August 31, 2012

Bike To School: A Lookbook

Step up your style this school year. Peep our back bike-to-school lookbook for some inspiration on how to take our favourite trends from the runways to the hallways. And please, don’t mind our bike pun. So much #pun. read more…

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August 24, 2012

#FF: Lust For Life

It’s hard to believe Olivia Lopez is only in high school. The sometimes model, sometimes intern, and always blogger at Lust for Life (a collection of miscellaneous adventures in fashion and further) is the living, breathing version of Orange County cool. Beyond her student duties lies a female far beyond her years, who holds the power to inspire her readership to start working towards their dreams, and as a bonus, their next outfit. What’s not to love about that? read more…

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August 23, 2012

One T-Shirt, 10 Ways

No piece of apparel hanging in your closet is more essential than the basic white tee. Whether it’s by The Gap or James Perse, it’s fundamental to even the most outrageous of wardrobes. We used our favourite off-white T by Alexander Wang classic jersey t-shirt to craft ten different looks. read more…

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