December 10, 2014

What Your Favourite Chocolate Bar Says About You

A chocolate bar will never talk back to you, break up with you, or tell you need to get your shiii together. A chocolate bar is comforting because you know it tastes excellent and when you eat it, your insides will feel warm and fuzzy (not in an alarming way unless you’ve got some underlying issues… in that case get checked out). For these obvious reasons, I love chocolate. I personally identify with Skor because has a thin chocolate lining with a tough butter toffee interior like my heart… JK. I just like the taste. Do you have a go-to bar? Here is what your fave chocolate (prob) says about you… read more…

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October 13, 2014

What Your Snack Choice Says About You


Snacks. Is there anything more loved, more prolific, more VITAL to our every day existence than thee? Okay, maybe I’m being a teensy weensy bit dramatic (heh) but our love for snacks is extensive (and well documented). So keep reading to see what your snack choice reveals about YOU… read more…

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June 26, 2014

Which Pokémon Is Your Perfect Pet?


Have you ever dropped everything you’re doing and wonder which Pokémon would be your perfect pet? Of course you have! (It would be weird if you hadn’t…)

Remember how much of a deep, cardinal decision it was to choose your starter Pokémon? Or how much of a bummer it was to discover you have a completely inadequate Pokémon lineup? Well, now you can avoid making the ~biggest mistake of your life~, and follow this guide to choosing the perfect Pokémon pet! read more…

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May 2, 2014

What Your Lunch Choice Says About You

Lunch! The best time of the day. Besides snack time, obviously. And dinner time. And breakfast time. Ok fine, let’s just put all mealtimes as equal times of greatness. But do you gravitate to sushi most of time? Or subs? How about pizza? You should know that whatever tickles your fancy reveals a lot about you… read more…

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April 8, 2014

What Your Favourite Friends Character Says About You

If you ask me, Friends is the greatest sitcom of all time. If you don’t watch Friends or haven’t watched Friends in the past decade, I consider you to be some sort of sub-human alien life form. It’s the equivalent of never having tried ice cream, or never hearing a Beatles song. It’s just a prerequisite to life; not just as a North American, but a resident of Earth (FYI, Friends has been aired in over 100 countries). So assuming you watch Friends, because I assume you are a resident of Earth, you probably have a favourite character. Keep reading to see what your favourite says about ~u~. read more…

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April 7, 2014

What Your Nail Shape Says About You


They say ~your nails are the window to your soul~. Wait, that’s not right is it…well they might as well be, because your nails reveal a lot more about yourself than you’d expect. Keep reading to see what YOUR claws say about you. read more…

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March 31, 2014

Borderline Detrimental Life Lessons Learned from GIRLS

I want to preface this article by saying I love GIRLS. This show is absolutely hilarious, and I’ve never watched a show that elicits “I’ve actually said that!!” more than this one. However, there are some gaping holes in the fabric that is this plot, and some general footsteps for the viewers that are better left unfollowed. I will dispense this information now. read more…

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March 26, 2014

Which Sailor Scout Are You?

Clearly I’m not being dramatic when I say that we should probably all be shaping our lives to emulate those of the Sailor Scouts. If you were a human child growing up in the 90s, you definitely watched Sailor Moon, and you ~most certainly~ divvied up the roles during recess. Do you fight evil by moonlight, win love by daylight, and never run from a real fight? Then one of the Sailor Scouts is your spirit animal. MOON PRISIM POWER! read more…

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March 20, 2014

What Your Hat Says About You

Hats are the most bold and versatile accessories. Whether you want to claim the spotlight, or haven’t felt like washing your hair in a week (ew), the choices are endless! Consider them the fashion world’s “cherry on top”. Whichever hat you choose; just know, it says a lot about you! read more…

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March 5, 2014

What Your Emojis Says About You

It all started in caveman days. Cavemen drew things on the walls of their caves. Then, the 21st century came and Apple mobilized the joy of drawings by making them digitally usable and sendable. Just like a cave drawing of rhinos and arrows, a kissy emoji has the power to convey a message (love) to the decoder. Emoji’s are a reflection of ~the inner self~: so what does your most-used digitized pics reveal about you? read more…

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