October 12, 2018

Ralph’s Album Inspo Playlist

It’s no secret we <3 Toronto artist RALPH. She’s our poppy, vibey, chill, beautiful, strong, talented girl crush that we just can’t get enough of. Hot off the release of her debut album ‘A Good Girl’, RALPH curated a playlist ~just for us~ (and YOU) of all of the songs that were major inspirations to her and her album.

Jam with us, and read about RALPH’s top 5 song inspirations below the cut:

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March 8, 2018

RALPH Curated A ‘WOMXN’ Playlist For Us

Today is International Women’s Day, and it’s no secret that we live and breath #GIRLPOWER around here. It’s also no secret that we’re just a little obsessed with Toronto artist RALPH. She’s already set the mood with us in studio, and now she’s back to set the mood for your International Women’s Day with a specially curated Spotify playlist!

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October 1, 2015


nap header


Classes are officially back in full swing, which means regular naps have most likely made their way into your daily schedule. But are group project nightmares and massive assignments taking over your brain and making those crucial naps difficult to take?

Let us introduce you to our cat nap mixtape.

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April 8, 2015

Mixtape: Coachella 2015

coachella_playlist_headerThe time has come—we can almost feel the dust in our lungs, see the dirt in our fingernails and smell the fresh cut floral crowns. Music festival season is on its way, and we’ve got our high-waisted cut-offs freshly frayed!

With music festival line-ups, it’s easy to feel like you’re at the optometrist when reading the performances poster. The headliners stand out, bold and extra large, but what about the bottom-line acts? You know, the ones you need a prescription to see? They’re people too, and they’ve been invited to play for a reason! We’ve whipped out my magnifying glass for this year’s Coachella lineup and compiled 12 of the best of the bottom lines.

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March 18, 2015

MIXTAPE: The Spring In Your Strut


While we can’t steal the outfits or have the perfect model hair and makeup from the various fashion weeks around the world, there is something from the runways we can keep for ourselves: the playlists!

We’ve rounded up the coolest tracks from this seasons spring/summer runway shows. These jams have been accompanied by looks from Kenzo, Saint Laurent, Rodarte, and more at Paris, Milan, London and New York Fashion Weeks. Press play–these fun, airy, effervescent songs are sure to put the spring in your step strut.

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February 24, 2015



1413823923d9tf7Exam mode is in full swing and we are quickly joining procrastination nation as ANY excuse to not be doing work is a good one. BUT when push comes to shove and we need to get down to business, sometimes white noise just doesn’t cut it!

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February 11, 2015

Rock Your Own World this Vday

Valentine’s Day is a day for embracing- whether it’s your significant other or your single life. This playlist is for the latter (the single part, being alone, no significant other in sight, solo)

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July 30, 2014

MIXTAPE: Kings of Chill

Because anything Washed Out is pretty much made for easy listening from a pink floaty in the deep end, we suggest you grab your best loungin’ suit and head for da pool. Atmospheric. Balearic. Nu (Chill) wavve. It’s a mellow beats summer and the Kings of Chill are here to lull you into a blissful summer daze. Jamiie xx keeps it UK while Ezra Koenig is all new dorp, New York. When it’s all said and done top it off with a (two scoops) cone and a side of synthpop. Sunsets go best with Chazwick Bundick. read more…

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July 23, 2014

MIXTAPE: My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard

WE HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE: July is National Ice Cream Month!

What’s more, is that there’s only a measly eight days left of this glorious celebration. Thus, we need your immediate attention on this v. pressing matter.

We’re calling this the *official* public service announcement encouraging all humans of the world to eat as much ice cream as they possibly can in the next week and one day. This is your call to action. Your chance to honor the historic art of ice creamery. Indulge in all the flavours of the dairy/sorbet/vegan ic ecream rainbow. To commemorate your heroic efforts we’ve compiled a sweet tooth-centric mixtape of summery jams.

Go ahead, order the waffle cone. You earned it! read more…

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July 16, 2014

MIXTAPE: Girl Guide

Consider the pink skateboard: It’s the perfect emblem of bada$$ boldness and that girly somethin somethin. A pink skateboard says, “yeah I skate. And paint. Maybe even at the same time.” It’s a talent in itself to have so many talents don’t ya know, but somehow we found a whole army of coolgirls who can skate, paint, write, blog, sing, cook, and direct with the best of the best, all whilst managing a multitude of other roles. Though our thirty days of lady crushes has come to an end (insert sad face emoji) the ~ go-getter vibes~ live on with our mixtape of confidence-revving anthems as curated by the Girl Guides themselves.

For the past month we’ve been asking our lady friends who they’d drafted into their coolgirl army. Based on the last thirty days there’s no question who we’d want in our: five writers, four photographers, three DJs and a self-proclaimed cat lady to name a few. Maybe we’d even roll up on pink skateboards. Look out world – we’re taking over~ read more…

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