February 13, 2014

HOW TO: Make Art On Your Head (With Bobby Pins)

It seems like whenever I buy a package of bobby pins, 95% of them go missing within a few weeks. This is probably due to both my inability to put them back when I’m done wearing them and my need to try out 1500 different ways to decorate my head with them. Bobby pins may have been invented to plunge hidden from sight into the depths of our sock buns, but they can also be worn so that they are visible in a ton of cool ways. From the simple to the space-age (see above), here are a few ways to let your bobby pins see the light of day. read more…

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March 19, 2012


Drawing inspiration from 1960s Beatniks, Gothic Androgyny, Symmetry in Nature and more, here’s a roundup of the best runway hair from World Mastercard FSHN WK – and how you can get the looks yourself. read more…

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March 16, 2012

TORONTO FASHION WEEK: Sid Neigum (From Where We Sat)

It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon when eager followers of Sid Neigum took their seats in the studio at the FSHN WK tents.  Showing his third collection at the tents, this season’s pieces reminded me of why he’s one of my favourites. read more…

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March 6, 2012

Fashion Week Beauty Notes

We have the top 4 stand out trail blazers for beauty trends this fashion week season and some honourable mentions in the trending department. Here are our runway beauty favourites: read more…

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October 6, 2011


Okay, listen – we understand that we are not going to love everything that walks down the runway during fashion week. We also understand that a fashion show is an art show and that there are components that go into creating that art that we may not get or comprehend. But what we don’t understand is when the art (aka the clothes) are on point but the styling and beauty distract; and even subtract. Why not just keep the focus on the clothes, you know? read more…

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