October 16, 2014

The Fault In Our Sobs

John Green created this epic love story between two cancer patients, leaving a permanent mark in the Rom-Com world. I had zero shame when my ugly cry came out in the movie theatre. Think Kim Kardashian crying face + Mariah Carey whistle tones + loud sobs. Maybe it was because I was in the midst of a fling with Summer-Bae. Or maybe…you know…because these movies set such high expectations for us viewers. If a guy ever took me to meet Stephen King, I’d probably propose. Okay that’s a little extreme, but I wouldn’t friendzone him. EVER. read more…

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June 1, 2012

What The MTV Movie Awards Nominees Will Look Like In 35 Years.

Emma Stone is the recipient of the 2012 MTV Movie Awards Trailblazer Award. Which got us thinking – we wonder what Emma will look like in 35 years, once the trail has been blazed, and the trail, in turn, blazes her. So, we did some research. And the results (see: above) got us wondering the same thing about the rest of the young Movie Awards nominees. So, we did some more research. Observe: read more…

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January 30, 2012

HEADLINES: Rose Rocks It, Ferris Returns, and Shailene Is On My Last Nerve.

The SAG Awards were last night. And Shailene Woodley used the opportunity to really piss me off in this Hawaiian shirt dress. Those shoe-gloves were strike one. This is an offensive strike two. You’re walking on thin ice, my dear. (FabSugar)

Please tell me how Angeline Jolie’s body differs from LeAnn Rimes’? Why do we celebrate one and bully the other? I wonder what Ange looks like in a bikini … I bet LeAnn has more muscle mass, jus sayin’ (US Weekly)

Save Ferris! (People)

How much does it cost to send a celebrity down the red carpet? A shit-load! Who pays? Not the celebrity, that’s for sure. The more money you make, the more free stuff you get. It’s an unfair world. (The Cut)

I will never get tired of looking at Scott and Garance. Because it’s only when they are photographed together that we can appreciate Scott’s stature, or lack there of. (Fashionista)

LOVE THIS! Rose Byrne wore a killer jumpsuit last night. Of course I wish she didn’t have a 6-year-old’s bowl cut, but you pick your battles. (Huff Post Style)

Celebrity math, Macaulay Culkin style! (BuzzFeed)


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January 18, 2012

HEADLINES: Tavi Calls Out Her Haters, Rihanna Returns to a 'Hopeless Place', and Shailene Woodley's Footwear is Offensive.

This makes me sad. Rihanna and that turd who beat her have been secretly hooking up! Well, according to US Magazine, so take this with a grain of salt. Rihanna’s rep had no comment on the matter, however Chris Brown’s rep did. And while he did shoot down a romance, he confirmed the two are friendly. FRIENDLY? Why RiRi why? Have you seen the end of your “We Found Love” video? (Us Magazine)

So not only is she consciously choosing to date someone with the name Ned Rocknroll, she’s consciously choosing to dress like twinsies too? Come on, Kate. (Lainey Gossip)

Ugh. The hair is back! You’d think he’d have severe neck damage from constant whiplash by now. I mean this haircut is a liability in more ways than one. And don’t even talk to me about that jacket! I. CAN’T. DEAL. (Styleite)

Kate Hudson has replaced Demi Moore as the new face of Ann Taylor. Right, as if Kate Hudson would ever be caught dead wearing Ann Taylor. And poor Demi. As if she didn’t already feel old enough now that her zygote of a husband has left her. This, surely, won’t help. (The Cut)

Tavi Gevinson calls out her haters in an interview with BBC. And she does a pretty decent job! But it will never NOT creep me out hearing 15-year-old talk about ‘fetishization’. It just won’t. (Fashionista)

Damon Baker gives a revealing, yet juvenile, interview to Stylelist. The 20-year-old photographer could use some maturity lessons from Tavi. Anyway, my favourite part? When he says he met Andrej Pejic in a strip club – he was on the pole and Andrej was his audience! Juice! (Stylelist)

I always remained neutral when it came to Shailene Woodley; didn’t love her, didn’t hate her. But that girl just crossed me. Wearing these shoes, period, is unforgivable. Let alone to a Globes party. It’s a shame too; if she had better style we could’ve been friends. (In Style)

Image via In Style

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