March 31, 2016

To DIY For: Lace Socks


Spring is here! And nothing puts a ~spring in your step~ quite like wearing a pair of super cute socks.  Whether you’ve got a date with your ~spring fling~ or are just frolicking through the flowers (as we all generally do), these To DIY For Lace Socks are just what you need to make a lace-ting impression with everyone you meet.

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January 29, 2016

All The Times Willow Smith Took A Stance


Our favourite 15-going-on-75 year old, Willow Smith, has teamed up with Stance Socks to create Miss Dazey, the brand’s newest line. Being the new face of Stance and launching her own sock line is a new venture for Willow, but taking a ~stance~ for what she believes in is definitely not. This inspiring, unique, tough girl is no stranger to stating her opinion and it totally rocks our socks off.

We’re matching our fave Willow Smith quotes with a pair of her complimenting new socks. Click through to see the entire line!

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April 10, 2014

Trend to Try: Shocking Socks



Socks – the most underrated & understated fashion accessory. We put them on every day without fail (unless of course we’re choosing their legged counterparts/going footie-commando), yet we forget to give them tender love and affection. Feet don’t want to be dressed down in basic black or washed-out white; they want to be fashionable like the rest of your body! They want to experiment with trends and be put on the best-dressed list of the Sock-ademy Awards red carpet! (PS. socks love carpets).

This morning, and the morning next, and every morning after that I dare you to be daring with your sock choices. There are literally thousands of cool socks out there calling your name. Cats? Check. Popsicles? Check. The loch ness monster? Double check. Socks are a really inexpensive way to dress up your outfit and add some life to your wardrobe. You may even be tempted to buy short pants and wear socks and sandals just to show ‘em off! read more…

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November 26, 2013

The World's Cutest Socks In Sock History

As the days get colder and we slowly catch hypothermia, we need a bit of cuteness to warm our toes and souls up. Get rid of those chills with these adorable socks! Make sure you wear them to house parties that you know you’ll have to remove your shoes for. Actually, forget about it. Just remove your shoes at whatever opportunity you get; at the office, on the bus, at Starbucks…bystanders will forgive you once they see your cute socks. You’ll probably make their day, and we’re all about spreading that ~holiday cheer~! read more…

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