October 18, 2012

Top 10: Hot Moms

How do they do it, though? read more…

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September 25, 2012

HEADLINES: Mitt Romney's tan is certified fake, Sofia Vergara is still the best, and other really important things.

According to Tanning Mom, on a scale of Lilo – Jersey Shore Mitt Romney is a solid George Hamilton. read more…

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July 12, 2012

HEADLINES: Karl Loves Pacey, Jakey Loves Waitresses, and Dolce & Gabbana’s Couture is Faint-Worthy.

Diane Kruger reveals to Vanity Fair that Karl is “bizarrely” in love with Josh. Who isn’t? Pacey forever! Oh, and that the Kaiser designed a whole collection inspired by ‘Pette’s eyes. read more…

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March 1, 2012

HEADLINES: Tim Courts Taylor, Justin is Legal, and It Only Takes 6 Years to Ruin a Face.

Lilo hits the Today show to pimp SNL and seemingly impresses Matt Lauer. Will Lindsay 2.0 last? I’m hopeful, but not holding my breath. I’ve got one foot in and one foot out, so to speak. P.S. How awful must it be for her to look at her 2006 self and then look in the mirror? I mean that thing is busted beyond repair. (Today)

This girl must have gone to the Kris Jenner School of Fame-Hookin’. (New York Post)

YES WE CAN! (Us Magazine)

I do not feel comfortable living in a world where Justin Bieber has something Al Gore is on the waiting list for. (People)

Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift? Yikes, what a nightmare! Can you imagine all the sparkles and butterflies and cherubs that would adorn their wedding? And the pink unicorn ring barer, baring a ring that’s engraved with 3:16? And the song she will write and perform for the occasion? Or the prayer he will … BARF, BARF, BARF. (Lainey Gossip)

Even with sh*t glued to it Ke$ha’s face looks infinitely better than Lindsay’s. My brain cannot comprehend that they are the same age. (Too Fab)

Ugh the term “push present” really grinds my gears. Even so, the thought of Jess buying one for herself makes me sad. (Celebitchy)

BEST PHOTOS EVER! As much as her voice makes me laugh, I think I laugh at her facial expressions more. (Popsugar)

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January 10, 2012

HEADLINES: Snooki’s Got New Ink, Marc Jacobs Plays Coy and Rodarte Could Save Opera.

As if Sofia Vergara wasn’t perfect enough – she’s saving lives now too. Yup, one drunk at a time! The Modern Family star was celebrating New Years in Vegas when she witnessed a woman collapse and quickly rushed to her aid. So she’s stunning and NICE? Ugh. Turns out the woman was just wasted, in Vegas, on New Years … imagine that! (TMZ)

It’s been announced that Rodarte has been tapped to design the costumes for the LA Philharmonic’s new production of the opera Don Giovanni. Oh good, maybe young fashionistas will take an interest in the opera and this guy won’t kill himself. (Lucky)

Are you freaking kidding me? Axe is coming out with a scent for women called, “Anarchy”. That’s right the company that objectifies women in all of their marketing wants your money now too. Good luck with that. And word to the wise; fragrances should never come in an aerosol can. (Frisky)

Nicole Richie tries to prove she’s down to Earth by sharing, “I can do my own hair, but I can not do makeup. I don’t even own it. I only own under eye concealer, Maybelline mascara, and an eyelash curler.” I almost buy it, except she goes on to say that every time she wears make-up she has to get it done professionally. (Silver spoon still firmly in mouth) (In Style)

People magazine is confirming what we already know. Fashion Ads are going indie; favouring edgier models over bubble-gum blondes. See, we told you! (People)

Gah. Marc Jacobs finally speaks out about why he turned down Dior but plays coy giving vague, PC answers. Come on, give us the dirt! (Huff Post Style)

Next Models continues to sign models whose talents extend beyond simply posing for the camera; Solange Knowles being their latest. The singer/DJ/model/Auntie to Blue Ivy joins the likes of Lana del Ray, Alexa Chung and Ellie Goulding among others at Next. Does this mean multi-hyphenates are taking over? (Fashionista)

Snooki’s got a new tat. And yes it’s as ugly and tacky as you would’ve expected. Maybe even more so. (Buzzfeed)


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December 14, 2011

The Replacements

These style icons are so legendary, they can never be replaced. BUT if they were to be replaced, these are the best possible candidates for the job. read more…

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September 26, 2011

HEADLINES: Beyonce's Fetus Has Twitter, Madame Tussaud Hates Fergie, and Bloomingdales is Gutless.

It pains me to no end that someone as cool as Sofia Vergara feels the need to have a clothing line; at Kmart no less. Why Gloria, WHY? Well according to the clothing line’s tagline, “You are a woman, so dress like a woman,” it seems Vergara was sick and tired of all of us cross dressers. (People)

Not only will the fascinator NOT die but it’s alive, well and thriving on the heads of Britain’s high society. Grrr. Kate and Pippa Middleton both rocked one to a wedding over the weekend. Check out the cringe-worthy photos if you can stand it. P.s. Is it weird that Kate remains Kate Middleton and was not required to take William’s name after marriage? You’d think with all that tradition this would be a must! Hmm. (Popsugar)

It was only a matter of time. @BeyJayFetus has emerged as the new twitter account for Beyonce’s and Jay-Z’s unborn child; tweeting exclusively from the womb. However the creators of this twitter seem to be unaware that B has already named her fetus ‘Little Rider.’ Cuteness. (Lainey Gossip)

One of the most famous pairs of shoes in the world can be yours for the right price! Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers will be auctioned off in December for an expected $2 million dollars. The best part? This pair is only 1 of 4 that were made for the film and this pair specifically is only “believed” to be worn by Judy Garland. Well then I ‘believe’ I won’t be bidding. (HuffPost Entertainment)

Bloomingdales is reportedly overcharging its plus-size customers to shop at their store versus other department stores. Bloomies is charging more than Neiman freaking Marcus. What is wrong with the world? (The Budget Fashionista)

And the award for Worst Madame Tussaud’s Wax Figure goes to … (drumroll please) … Fergie! Sorry BEP’s fans but I am SO NOT surprised! (Lifeline Live)

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September 19, 2011

THE EMMYS: What They Wore

The Emmy Awards were last night and while that may excite you TV fans for various different reasons it only really means one thing to us; another RED CARPET! read more…

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