August 22, 2017

Serving Looks: Tennis-Inspired Outfits

Tennis is having a ~moment~, and we’re kind of in love with it. With summer coming to a close, you still have some time to channel your inner Serena Williams. So to get the ~ball rolling~ we’ve provided you with five different tennis-inspired looks to up your end-of-summer wardrobe game. Check’em out under the cut!

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September 2, 2015

Sports Bras: Not Just For Sports, Bra


Inspired by Tinashe’s sexy (and sweaty) video for “Bet”, we at FORA are thinking about sports bras so hot they stop traffic. With the Internet’s (and collective fashion world’s) obsession with sportswear, it’s no surprise that we can’t escape Calvin Klein sports bras. But if the task of wearing gym wear everywhere seems daunting, don’t worry–we’ll spot you.

Here are our favourite sports bra outfits that’ll slay both on and off the treadmill.

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May 25, 2015

White Out



Now that summer’s here, we at FORA have realized our all-black wardrobe doesn’t work as well in Toronto heat as it does in the Toronto cold. While we were worried for a while that it’d never be warm again, this summer, we’re switching out all black for all white — here are some of our favourite pieces from around the web.

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May 20, 2014

Tennis Outfits for Non-Tennis Players

We should not be denied the satisfaction of a squeaky-clean tennis outfit just because we don’t know the difference between receivers, rallies, or the dreaded lob. Since sportswear and fashion seem to be volleying on the same side of the net right now, it’s only logical that we turn to this English-born pastime for outfit inspiration. Neatly folded collars and skirts cut generously enough for athletic mobility for all! read more…

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April 8, 2014

GIRL CRUSH: Adrianne Ho

When was the last time your favourite style blogger showed you how to do a burpee in GIF form? Inspired you to go hiking instead of shopping? Snapped a sportswear (not sportswear-inspired) outfit they actually used to run around the city? If you’re reading Adrianne Ho’s “Sweat the Style” then chances are, pretty recently. If Nike, Supreme, and Pigalle are not your cup of tea, here are some other reasons to develop a girl crush on this former Torontonian… read more…

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