June 16, 2014

No Vacation? No Problem.

Unfortunately, we can’t all afford to spend our vacation days being whisked away to somewhere tropical. The most important thing about staying home (while all your peers are on a tropical beach somewhere) is to not get bored. Think about it, if you spend your week being jealous of your friends in the Bahamas, you’ll go back to school and wonder why you didn’t appreciate the glorious time off. So, in order to make the most of your non-vacation, here are 12 ways to spend ur vacation daizzzz at home in non-lame and non-expensive. read more…

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March 12, 2014

MIXTAPE: Wanderlust Mix

Smack dab in the middle of spring break I find myself suffering some major wanderlust. If you’re in the same boat as me (unfortunately that boat being metaphorical rather than of the Caribbean cruise variety) I prescribe a healthy dose of tropical beats with songs about travel. Let our spring break playlist transport you to Treasure Island, or wander with no agenda in a foreign metropolis. Kishi Bashi, Washed Out, and Wild Beasts are calling on your inner gypsy. With these music makers present it’s obvious: this must be the place. read more…

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March 11, 2014

In The Studio With Lucky: Spring Break ~Beachy~ Makeup Tutorial

After watching Spring Breakers, I’m unable to completely remove the image of James Franco repeatedly whispering “SPRANGGG BREAK” into my ear. Fortunately, Lucky is here to ~save the day~ and grace my retinas with a sweet and glowy makeup look (completely void of smudged eyeliner a la Ashley Benson) – perfect for the beach/frolicking around doing very wholesome and happy spring break activities (read: reenacting favourite moments from The O.C. etc).

If you, too, now struggle with spring break dreams tainted by the aforementioned/controversial spring break flick, you should probably watch this good and great tutorial – because 1) being a *glowing* *beach* *goddess* has never been so attainable and 2) why WOULDN’T you want to learn how to wear makeup to the beach in non-lame ways?!? read more…

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March 7, 2014

7 Things Zoe Kravitz And I Could Do On Spring Break Together

If I could think of someone that I could potentially want to be, that someone would be Zoe Kravitz. Muse to my favourite designer (Alexander Wang in case ya didn’t know), daughter of Lenny Kravitz…those should be enough anecdotes in demonstration of why she is unimaginably cool and awesome. Since it is definite that I could never BE her, I do feel that there is a strong possibility that we could eventually become friends. I have so much belief in this potential connection that I’ve imaged what we do if we were to attend a Spring Break Vacation together. To further add ~dimension~ to this concept, I’ve created some relatable pictorial representations of activities that Zoe and I could do on spring break together. read more…

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March 3, 2014

7 Swimsuits for Your Spring Break Destination

!!Spring break!! is just around the corner; and after 4 gruelling months of bone-chillingly cold weather, we definitely deserve 7 days of tropical life. From about October until May, I’m dreaming of hopping on a plane to some place close to the equator – so it’s only natural that I have the perfect swimsuit picked out for any beach vacation. Here are 7 pretty suits for 7 spring break destinations: read more…

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February 27, 2014

Lucky’s Beachy Beauty Essentials

After MONTHS of wishful thinking and battling a polar vortex, SPRING IS HERE!!!! No more losing mittens and ruining a good hair day with a toque! This spring’s beauty trends are gorgeously optimistic and the perfect way to celebrate ~spring break~. Here are my must-haves to look gorgeous and on trend while we enjoy some sunshine! read more…

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February 25, 2014

Hair How-To: Neon Fishbraid

What happens when you cross pigtails, fishtail braids, and 2 stands of ~fancy~ neon string? Um, only the most perfect hairstyle to wear all Spring Break, duh! Not only is this look an easy-peasy way to look ah-mazing, and, as Liz will demonstrate, it’s also a great way to **get your dance on**. read more…

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February 17, 2014

Why The O.C. Will Forever Be Our Spring Break Inspiration

Hey y’all.

It’s absolutely no secret that I live/breathe/love The O.C. with the fire of approximately one thousand suns and the warmth that comes with cuddling with ~1023 fuzzy Chow Chow puppies. In fact, my dedication runs so deep that Seth Cohen’s existence might as well be synonymous with the oxygen I need to breathe and the caffeine I need to consume in order to be a functional human being – and, if you’ve spent any amount of time with me, I’m sure you could serve as a witness to the #realness of the aforementioned.

While I won’t be sailing away on a boat to Tahiti on my next ~vacay~, I can definitely: 1) take the time to muse about how awesome that would be and 2) admire the sartorial majestic-ness of warm weather outfitting decisions (read: Marissa Cooper’s sundresses and Ryan Atwood’s wife beater tank tops). Plus, paired with an ongoing desire to be on the run/drive in the sun/look out for number one, isn’t it only natural to ~celebrate~ the beginning of spring break with an ODE TO ORANGE COUNTY?! read more…

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March 20, 2013

Let Taylor Swift’s “22” Video Be Your Spring Break-spiration

It’s called Spring Break-spiration (inspiration for your Spring Break, you dig?) and Taylor Swift’s new video for her embarrassingly addictive song “22” is CHOCK full of it. Whether you’re travelling or stay-cationing over your break, (or are completely void of breaks because you’re not a student), we promise that this ~surprisingly cool~ video will have you living vicariously through an internationally renowned popstar. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then read on and get inspired… read more…

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February 28, 2013

Movies that REALLY Made Us Wish We Were Pro Surfers

Photo: DVF x Roxy

Oh surf girls. With their perfect golden tans, rock hard abs and laid back, cool demeanour. After watching Blue Crush, all pre-existing aspirations were pushed aside for the dream of moving to Hawaii, becoming a surf instructor, and being swept off my feet by a football babe. It’s never too late to move to Maui and take up the dream, right? Or we can just watch (and re-watch, and re-watch) these movies, living vicariously through the sun kissed lives of those swell-riders. Join us. read more…

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