June 22, 2017

FORA x Biore: Camping Out With Jaclyn Forbes

Now that summer’s finally rolled around, we’re making the most of it by enjoying the great outdoors with Much Digital Studios Creator Jaclyn Forbes. Camping in the hot sun by day and roasting marshmallows fireside by night may leave your skin worse for wear, but with the help of Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser, you can pamper your face in one easy step!

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August 11, 2016

MIXTAPE: Too Damn Hot


This heatwave in T.O has us sticking ice cubes down our bras and blasting the AC to the highest level. Set the volume on your speaker to match and get ready to jam to this ~fire~ playlist. Featuring HOT hits from Nelly, Santigold, Talking Heads and more!

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July 22, 2016

Five Summer Outfits Under $100


If you’re anything like us, summer spending isn’t always reserved for buying new clothes. You’d rather blow that hard earned $$$ on a festival pass or on patio drinks in bulk on a Saturday night.  Everyone is entitled to a  ‘treat yo’ self’ evening, but if you’ve indulged in a few too many it’s okay because we have your back! Here are five complete summer looks under $100 that are still hella cute and equally affordable!

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July 21, 2016

Unveiled: How To Look Cool At The Singles Table


Summer means WEDDING SZN  is upon us, and you’ve come a long way from being the flower girl in your aunt’s wedding. You’ve now successfully earned a spot on the guest list and, if you played your cards right, a spot at the coveted singles table. If you’re surrounded by tons of your young ~cool~ friends saying ‘I Do’, now is the perfect time to say I Don’t to the pity looks and pats on the back saying “there’s someone out there for you”.

Click through for some wedding fashion inspo that will have you proudly tearing up the parquet dance floor when “Single Ladies” inevitably plays.

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July 18, 2016

Five Summer Teas To Sip Through The Drama


Today, Monday, July 18th 2016 may go down in history as the PINNACLE of celeb internet drama. Taylor, Kim, Kanye, Selena, Khloe vs. Chloe vs. Ruby Rose, nothing could prepare us for the Tweet-pocalypse and the Snapchat story heard round the world.

While all this crazy pans out, we’ve decided to sit back in the comment sections sipping our tea, and we think you should do the same! Let these sweet summer tea recipes from the internet cleanse your soul of all the ~dramz~

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July 5, 2016

Save Vs. Splurge: Zara Larsson’s Lush Life Video


Zara Larsson’s summer anthem ‘Lush Life’ has been topping the charts for a while, but we are living for the recently re-released music video chock FULL of  Fora vibes. The outfits range from bright, quirky & girly to sleek, sexxi & glam. To keep you living that lu$h life we’ve put together a buying guide that you can lust over AND one that you can actually afford.

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June 28, 2016

Summer Sports For The Fashion Conscious


If #SUMMERTIME SADNESS has got you down, head outside, get those endorphins pumping and start exercising! Don’t worry, not all sports and activities take a ton of skill or gear, you don’t even need a gym membership to start working on your summer bod! We recommend grabbing a friend, and starting with the basics, you’ll be a certified Sporty Spice in no time.

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June 27, 2016

Throw The Best Shade With These Eye-Catching Sunnies


Sunglasses are everyone’s #1 summer BFF (best frames forever). They’re always there to help you block out the rays and maybe even some ~haters~.

Today is National Sunglasses Day, and we’re especially feeling inspired by Willow Smith’s new modelling gig (and Corey Hart obvs). We rounded up a sweet collection of eye protection that will make sure all ~eyes~ are on you.

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June 14, 2016

Cheap Thrills: Summer Fun On A Budget


We PROMISE you don’t need dollar bills to have fun this summer, just a little bit of creativity and your best gal pals! Here are frugal suggestions that will break the boredem cycle and not you bank.

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June 10, 2016

How To Have A Summer Fling With Yourself


Sometimes the perfect accompaniment to summer is having a ~summer fling~ when the air is as hot as the *chemistry* between you. But just like your tan, summer flings fade away- but those sun-kissed memories last forever.

But alas, what if your picture perfect summer fling never comes along? Don’t spend your carefree days CARING about something like that. You don’t need to rely on anyone else to make sure your summer is ~young, wild and free~, you just need yourself! Read on and we’ll show you exactly how you can have the ultimate individual summer fling.

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