June 27, 2016

Throw The Best Shade With These Eye-Catching Sunnies


Sunglasses are everyone’s #1 summer BFF (best frames forever). They’re always there to help you block out the rays and maybe even some ~haters~.

Today is National Sunglasses Day, and we’re especially feeling inspired by Willow Smith’s new modelling gig (and Corey Hart obvs). We rounded up a sweet collection of eye protection that will make sure all ~eyes~ are on you.

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April 22, 2015

Made in the Shades

Even though the sun graces us with it’s presence 365 days a year (with a few exceptions #NUNAVUT), the Spring/Summer months make wearing sunglasses seem so much more necessary. The FORA team recently had a (heated) discussion on what sunnies are best. What ones are YOUR faves?

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November 13, 2014

Sunglasses #FORAVER


On bright, sunny days, and on gray, cloudy days, you will find me, my face, and my sunglasses – even when the sun is going down. Why????? Well, WHY NOT??? To you nay-sayers and unbelievers (of cool), let me 1) give you some extremely logical reasonZz why you can pretty much wear sunglasses anytime, anywhere (except maybe the theatres, u weirdo), and 2) look at some cool specs from the spring summer runways, bc fashun. read more…

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August 1, 2014

Street Style Lookbook: 50 Shades of Generally Awesome

Okay – so there might only be 7 ladygals in this street style lookbook, but figuratively, these Torontonian gems are every bit as aspirational as a batch 6x this size.

Once again, I’ll talk about the weather – even though this week saw a cold front super, unusual for early August (and what typically would be the month of burgeoning shiny faces – I should reconsider my career and become a weather forecaster, right?) but that doesn’t mean a lapse of hot hot heat alters the importance of UV protection for your peepers.

Whether they’re round, squared off, bold or cLaSsIc, lettuce investigate some cool eyewear and save our weather talk for next Friday. read more…

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July 30, 2014

5 Reasons You Should Wear Big Sunglasses

There’s something about big sunglasses that catch my eye. In fact, my collection of over-sized rays have their own drawer in my room. That’s how obsessed I am. I mean, how can you not love sunglasses, though? They serve so many life(?) purposes that I felt like they deserved their own post. If you’re struggling with hopping on the big frame bandwagon, here are some very important reasons as to why you should wear them. Like, all da time. read more…

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April 15, 2014

Good Advice: Sunnies 4 Ur Face Shape

Since April showers bring May flowers/generally fun times, a plethora of sunglasses definitely fall on my spring shopping list. This is not to say that sunglasses are exclusive to spring (BECAUSE TRULY, THEY’RE NECESSARY ALL YEAR ROUND BECAUSE UV PROTECTION), but it just seems more /natural/ to pick up lots of eyewear for the impending warm weather, no?

Now, as far as I know, the traditional way to shop for sunglasses is to go into a major chain store with your besties, try on the weirdest sunnies on the shelf, and make fun of each other until you find a pair that actually works. And while this can be entertaining, knowing what works for your face shape can definitely speed up the process and give you more flattering results… read more…

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October 29, 2013

HOW TO BE: The Most Fashionable Couple Ever

Is it rare for two ridiculously fashionable people to date? If it isn’t, then why are we so obsessed with Justin O’Shea & Veronika Heilbrunner? They are pretty much the most fashionable couple ever, and we have nothing to say about this other than WE WANT TO BE THEM. If you, too, are looking to take a stab at swiping this title from them (we’re pretty sure you can’t but that shouldn’t stop you from trying), here are some tips. read more…

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September 23, 2013

HOW TO: Successfully Fall Asleep in Class

Psssst…hey you. We know you’re falling asleep in class as you are reading this…and we want to help! Not only is the act of falling asleep at your desk scary (especially when there’s a chance at getting caught), but it can also be extremely uncomfortable. Here are some things that can maximize your physical comfort while disguising your reunion with Dreamland. read more…

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August 16, 2013

Street Style Lookbook: Kickin' It With Kicks

Sneakers have been the footwear choice of street style savants season after season: we’ve said it time and time (and time) again. However, we’re beginning to think that the stylish resurgence of these casual kicks isn’t JUST temporary trend. Whether accompanied by a platform, heel, or the muddy remnants of last week’s festival, check out how these 7 ladies and gents are kickin’ it back with the #1 shoes ~of all time~. read more…

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August 9, 2013

Street Style Lookbook: A Lack of Colour

This past Monday signified the 10 year anniversary of the premiere of The O.C. – and naturally, we celebrated the momentous occasion with a Seth Cohen marathon. Led by the soothing swell of Ben Gibbard’s voice (via Death Cab For Cutie), the most applicable tune to accompany this week’s streetstyle goes by the name of A Lack of Colour. Albeit depressing, the title holds true – there was quite literally a lack of colour this week on the streets!

We showed you all black everything, but…what’s life without a little bit of contrast? Peruse these black & white looks for instant chicness and also instant musical throwbacks. #BenGibbard4ever read more…

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