August 23, 2017

What’s Dropping Fall 2017

***Disclaimer*** it’s still summer don’t worry.

The heat of the summer is still with us, but FALL’17 is shaping up to be pretty ~hot~. With highly anticipated drops like Fenty Beauty and Supreme x Louis Vuitton, we have to be smart with the rest of our summer budget to make way for these hot new lines.

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July 4, 2014

Street Style Lookbook: Cool Girl Army

In honour of our GIRL GUIDE, we’re on a quest to build our very own (IRL) cool girl army. And what better way to start than seeking out the cool girls hanging out right outside our doorstep? Meet 7 sartorial superstars that would automatically make us appear cooler than we actually are – crazy cool hair, harnesses, and no shortage of black clothing included. read more…

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July 22, 2013

Skateboards: Art Decor Or Board On Wheels?

Source: L’Officiel

If you’re cool/coordinated enough to actually skateboard, then please consider adding the following snazzy boards to your sporty collection. For those of you who don’t have the necessary coolness/coordination to look like you aren’t hardcore struggling on a skateboard, then these decks can serve as a form of…inspiration…for some interior decorating – because honestly, they’re works of art!!! read more…

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November 22, 2012

Toques on Toques on Toques: Brought to you in part by Cara Delevingne

I recently adopted a new fashion obsession with toques.  Tight ones, lose ones, black ones, colourful ones, pom-pom embellished ones, I like them all. And my muse? Cara Delevingne of course, who rocks the look better than anyone else. read more…

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July 30, 2012

TOP 10: Famous Artist Accessories

Whether it’s a product of their personal style, the trends of the time, or their stylist’s sartorial direction, some of the biggest stars in music (past and present) have a signature accessory that defines their look. Now, it’s not to say they were the first to wear it or that they’ll be the last, but somehow, they’ve made a lasting impression on how we look at everything from a flower crown to a round pair of sunglasses to a dramatic top-hat. Maybe you’ll want to test drive some of these iconic styles yourself? read more…

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May 10, 2012

3 Super-Swagged-Out Music Videos (And What They Wore)

The title says it all: we present you with 3 swagged-out rap videos that rock ~high fashunz~ that we’ve identified for your consumerism + fashionista fix. Prepare yourselves, cuz being famous ain’t cheap…#swag #YOLO read more…

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