September 13, 2013

Street Style Lookbook: Endless Summer

It was only two short weeks ago that we shared a street style look book, brimming with crop-tops, paying homage to summer’s end. Much to our surprise (and slight discomfort) this week brought a heat wave to our side of the country… and, apparently, lots of North America. Summer is still here, friends. It’s not over yet. Shall we rejoice?

Get amongst this week’s street style gallery, featuring leggy legs, mini bangs, a sweet bike, and lots of general late-summer-greatness. read more…

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July 10, 2012

HEADLINES: Target Collaborates, Angie Wrecks Homes Now & Then, and Naomi Campbell Searches for The Face.

The MOST collaborative fashion collaboration of all time. Target announces it is teaming up with Neiman Marcus for a limited-edition holiday collection featuring 24 different CFDA designers. Too many cooks in the kitchen? Or the more the merrier? read more…

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April 3, 2012

Rodarte: Queens of Collabo

We couldn’t help but notice that the ladies of Rodarte LOVE to collaborate.  With shoe designers, department stores and artists alike, we take you through our fave Rodarte collabos. read more…

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March 9, 2012

The Downfall of Designer Diffusion Lines

Designer diffusion lines… bringing high fashion to the masses. Except not really. Because when entire lines are bought out by money hungry eBay re-sellers and pieces go up online at 900% their original price – we’ve really missed the point. read more…

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February 1, 2012

Fab Collabs

When we can’t afford to buy the real thing off the runways, we turn to the next best thing (no, not knock-offs). Here’s a roundup of designer collabos we can get excited about: read more…

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January 24, 2012

HEADLINES: Mango Gets Moss, Celine Cancels a Show, and Jonah Hill Could Win an Oscar?

All anyone can talk about today is Oscars, Oscars, Oscars. The nominations are in, anddd people are pissed! Understandably so, I mean do you want to live in a world where Jonah Hill wins an Oscar? I think not. (Buzz Sugar)

50 Cent and one of his female twitter followers have made a bet on the upcoming Superbowl. The stakes? NUDIE TWITPICS. I shit you not! (Pop 2 It)

Kate Moss has been named the new face of Mango. I get it, Kate is good for business. Just ask TopShop. But why bring Terry Richardson into it? (Huff Post Style)

Celine cancels their Fall 2012 runway show in the name of Pheobe Philo’s uterus. (Fashionologie)

So Seal went on Ellen yesterday and … I have to hand it to him. Complete class act. He might have been laying it on a little thick; but it’s nice for the kiddies. Civility for the sake of the family is always best. J.Lo and Marc Anthony’s kids on the other hand – are destined to get married at least 3 times each. (PopSugar)

Wow, fashion really is a gutless industry. What’s in today is out tomorrow. It’s a game of keep-up I tell you. And fast-fashion is no different as Missoni for Target hits the clearance racks. Website crashing doesn’t mean as much as it used to.  (Refinery 29)

Jay-Z’s 40/40 club reopened last Thursday, only to be shut down on Friday due to health code violations. Word to the wise: don’t order the salsa! (Blackbook)

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November 9, 2011

HEADLINES: Manolos are Made Out of Cocaine in Colombia, Oprah & Jay-Z are Making Moves, and Katie Holmes Dresses Like Poop For a Reason.

Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz is publishing a 700 page book/tome; due out sometime next year. That’s just like designers eh? 700 effing pages! Only designer’s have egos big enough to support a project like this. (Lucky)

Drug dealers in Spainthought it would be a good idea to smuggle cocaine from Colombiato Spainin the form of a fake Manolo Blahnik pump. Yeah, because shipping an excess number of Manolos fromColombia toSpain isn’t suspicious? Use your head! (Huff Post Style)

Missoni wants to relive the wild success they experienced with Target except this time with Macy’s. See what I mean? Collaboration overload! Two collaborations per designer label per year and no more – leave us wanting more! I mean, how much zig-zag can one person wear? (Fashionista)

Jay-Z’s champagne ($300) is featured in Oprah’s Favourite Things this year. His book Decoded was featured on last year’s. These two have been in cahoots for a good while – it’s a brilliant business decision on both their parts. Side note: 3 Oprahs on the cover is 2 Oprahs too many. Is it big ego day today? (People)

Hugh Hefner says Linday Lohan’s Playboy spread is “very classy.” Sorry Grandpa but that’s an oxymoron. (Lifeline Live)

Forget the break-up – what in heaven’s name is she wearing? My girl Chelsea looks like she’s about to go scuba diving … with a camel toe! How did Jennifer Aniston allow this train wreck to happen? (Celebitchy)

Katie Holmes took out Suri for her daily bribery shopping trip yesterday, this time at American Girl, in some seriously hideous shoes. Does she dress herself like this on purpose? Is it a form of rebellion? Is she grasping at her last semblance of control? Too dramatic? Either way the shoes gots to go! (Popsugar)

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October 4, 2011

HEADLINES: Wooooo! Wu Teams with Target, Ungaro Survives Plague Lohan, and The Ugg Boot is the New Grinch That Stole Christmas.

Look books and runway shows no longer cut it in this business; now you need a film! Not just a video, a film! Here’s the latest from Miu Miu, a film by Bruce Weber entitled “Portrait of Hailee” featuring the breath-taking Hailee Steinfeld. Seriously, I think I just fell in love (as much love as you can be in with a 14 year old minor).  (Fashionologie)

Wowza! Kristen Stewart looks stunning on the cover of GQ UK rocking a black retro bikini and her darker Snow White locks. See you don’t need to show your lady bits in order to be sexy; this is sexy and she’s basically wearing granny panties. You hear me Snooki? (PopSugar)

Well, it turns out she bent the shit out of the place, but did not break it. Emanuel Ungaro was able to find life after Hurricane Lindsay as was displayed yesterday at their runway show in Paris. This is an unbelievable feat; I mean really, how do you recover from star shaped pasties? (

Joe’s Jeans is celebrating 10 years of making kick-ass jeans by making EVEN MORE kick-ass jeans. Their anniversary Joe’s Wild Collection will offers a mix of their best-selling styles in a limited-edition leopard print fabric. Betcha Khloe Kardashian already has 7 pairs! (In Style)

The Cut isn’t messing around. With all the hoopla (yeah, I said “hoopla”) surrounding Kanye West’s fashion debut, The Cut has paired down all the bullshit into an easy to read point form verdict: what he did right and what he did wrong. The number of pros and cons are pretty equal; however, one of the pros is that he didn’t name his line “Kanye’s Kollection” so … you know. (The Cut)

They just won’t die! The latest rebirth of the Ugg-ly boot is in the form of an Ugg boot Christmas stocking. Seriously mates? Can someone please just order a hit on these things and be done with it? We’ve suffered enough. (Refinery 29)

After unparalleled success with Missoni, Target has announced its next collaboration will be with Jason Wu. Woooo! I smell another crash coming. The collection is set to debut in February of next year. Gahhh five months will seem like a lifetime! (Elle)

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September 9, 2011

10 Missoni x Target Items We're Puking Out Of Excitement For

We’ve expressed our excitement about the soon-to-be-released Missoni x Target collaboration, right? Well, with a mere 4 days left to wait, we’ve decided to put together a visual list of the 10 items that are making us wiggle in our seats, like Missoni zig-zags. read more…

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July 19, 2011

Target Wants to Have Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Babies, Emma Stone is Our Valentine and Mara Hoffman is Obsessed with Egypt. These Style Headlines and More RIGHT NOW.

Bradley Cooper has cut his luscious locks and I’m not happy about it. Don’t you know your signature “Phil” shag drives all the girlies crazy? With this cut you are a 7.0 at best! (People Style Watch)

Target is such a player these days. Gwen Stefani is it’s latest love and the couple intend on releasing a kidswear collection entitled Harajuku Mini. I’m personally psyched for every kid in America to dress like Kingston because that boy is boss. (In Style)

Our Canadian gal Jessica Stam is teaming up with Pat McGrath and CoverGirl to shoot make-up tutorials. The videos are reportedly being released in the weeks previous to Fashion Week. Awesome, except no matter how detailed the instructions are no amount of make-up will make me look Stam Glam. (Modelinia)

Wait I’m confused. So Gwyneth Paltrow is featured in the new ad campaign for Coach, that I get. However the ads are only being used in the Asian and European markets, the reason for this is unknown, AND Vogue seems to own the photos. Something doesn’t add up, I mean, why all the exclusivity? What is Vogue up to? (Fashionologie)

Rumer and Tallulah Willis were spotted shopping in Beverly Hills looking tres boho chic. The sister’s chose matching maxi skirts with black boots and both sported the ‘I didn’t wash my hair but I don’t care’ do. They looked good together but why is Scout always in hiding? (OMG)

Mara Hoffman showed her Swimwear/Resort 2012 Collection this weekend at Mercedes Swim Fashion Week in Miami. The line was Egypt inspired and is absolutely drool worthy. I might need a bib. (Bonafide Supernova)

Emma Stone commits the ultimate colour-clashing crime and pulls it off! Looking like a loved-up Valentine is a good look for her and for some reason I don’t mind all that volume. Alas, her beauty stumps me again! (Celebitchy)

Seriously if I have to explain the meaning of “couture” to one more blondie with fake boobs I am going to lose it. (Fashionista)

A word of advice: if you haven’t already checked out Jessica Di ClementeDO.IT.NOW.

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