July 15, 2015

Tavi Gevinson: Face Of Clinique, Voice Of Us All


We’ve got a crush on Tavi Gevinson, and it’s not just because she’s a beautiful ethereal alien. We’re crushing on her wisdom, her leadership, her drive, her knowledge, her advice, her sense of humour and her perspective on things.

Tavi, along with Hannah Bronfman and Margaret Zhang, was just announced as an ambassador for Clinique’s new Face Forward campaign. Because we love her and everything she has to say, we’ve collected some of our favourite quotes by her and placed them on some of our favourite photos of her (because, why not?).

Read on for some major Tavi wisdom.

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June 17, 2015

Bad Bitches Who Need to Write a Book

nicki bad bitchNow that Amber Rose has announced  her book and released the cover art, we’re thinking about all the other Certified Bad Bitches™ we’d like to read an entire book about.

We’ve listed our favourite powerful female role models and listed their BBCs (Bad Bitch Credentials).

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October 26, 2011


Love her or hate her (and we really should dial back our hate for a 15 year old – bullying is wrong people!) her presence in the fashion industry is undeniable. And whether or not she’s more spectacle than substance; her personal style is captivating and creative – perfect for a costume! read more…

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October 21, 2011

HEADLINES: Lindsay Lohan is a Hot Mess Minus the Hot, Alexa Chung has “It Girl Problems”, and Anna Wintour’s Travel Routine is Exhausting.

Stacey Kiebler and George Clooney continue their dominance of red carpets everywhere with an appearance at the London premiere of The Descendents last night. This is hands down my favourite look Stacey has rocked thus far. However, there really wasn’t much competition. George would you hire her a stylist already? I miss Elisabetta! (Popsugar)

Yikes! So Lindsay Lohan’s fifth mugshot, yeah I said fifth, has been circulating and let me tell you kiddies – it isn’t good! This is not how a 25 year old should look! This photo might just be the best deterrent for drug use I’ve ever seen. (People)

Ashley Greene has been named they new face of DKNY; a role she describes as, “an organic fit.” First of all I hate when celebrities use words like ‘organic’ incorrectly. ‘Organic’ is not a synonym for ‘natural’ in every context! Get your publicist a thesaurus! Second, don’t you dare try to convince us for a second that fashion is your passion. Why must everyone strive to be a multi-hyphenate?  (In Style)

Oh man, maybe it’s just been a long week but is Tavi Gevinson getting funnier? Either way this DIY post just made me legitimately laugh out loud at my desk. Whether it was laughter out of delirium or out of genuine funny bone tickling; it’s definitely worth a read on this dreary Friday. (Rookie)

So this oil spill is really messing with the penguins in New Zealand. I shit you not! So if you have any spare time this weekend; knit a sweater & save a penguin! (The Frisky)

Some say this is smart; I say this is ridiculously unnecessary. Apparently when Anna Wintour travels she boards a plane wearing a dress, goes to the washroom once the flight takes off and changes into jeans, and then before she de-planes she changes back into the original dress (de-plane is a word, I checked). Really? Is it that horrible if you are seen in public wearing jeans? Some people … I swear. (Gawker)

Champange, white girl, guido, meatball, and now ‘It girl problems.’ Alexa Chung is responsible for the latest and most conceited addition to the ‘problem’ catch phrase family. (The Cut)

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October 12, 2011

HEADLINES: Marissa Cooper Takes a Steak in the Face, Lila Grace is Embarrassed by Kate, and the Olsen’s Celebrate Halloween.

Who knew Youtube could be interactive? The Olsen’s did. Of course they did! Check out the amazing Halloween themed October T Moments video above. Answer the questions correctly to uncover a discount code for and see MK & A dabble with some silly costumes along the way. (Stylemint)

Tyler Shields sure loves him some washed up actresses. First it was Lilo and now it’s Mischa Barton. Talk about washed up! This time Tyler’s prop of choice was a raw steak. Right, E-coli for everyone! (Huff Post Style)

1. I am THRILLED to see an English wedding sans-fascinators! 2. How cute is Stella and Paul McCartney’s relationship? Stelly (I call her this because Gwyneth does; and I will do ANYTHING Gwyneth does) designed Paul’s bride Nancy’s dress. Simple and elegant. Yay for fam jams! (Harper’s Bazaar UK)

Well at least someone voices their objections to Kate Moss, even if it is her 9 year old daughter Lila Grace. Fresh-faced Mom is Lila’s preference which is kind of cool. I’m sure she prefers sober Mommy as well! (Vogue UK)

Tavi makes a joke! Woo sign’s of humanity! She tells The Early Show that her secret to managing her time is employing ‘middle aged adult ghostwriters.’ Okay it’s not the funny; but you know what is? Watching these three talk about sex. Awkward! (The Cut)

Jean Paul Gaultier designed a bar of gold that seriously resembles Juicy Couture designs. Shudder! Why do brilliant people waste their time producing crap? Just stick to what you are good at! I’m looking at you Karl ‘the glassware designer’ Lagerfeld. (Fashionista)

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September 22, 2011

HEADLINES: Nepotism Lives, Fur is Out and Tavi Is Just Annoying.

Stella McCartney is designing costumes for a new ballet. Actually it’s her father’s ballet Ocean’s Kingdom. And being the daughter of a Beatle pays off once again! (Vogue)

Attention all fur lovers – don’t move to West Hollywood!!! Apparently the city is close to banning the sale of fur within its city limits. Vegans rejoice! (Refinery 29)

Yikes! If this isn’t a blatant sign of the times then I don’t know what is. Starting in 2012 Harper’s Baazar will cut back to only 10 issues annually. Is my future in the crazy business at jeopardy? Please say no! (The Cut)

Seriously? I know Tavi is special and all because she dresses weird and is young and stuff, but does she ever just annoy the shit out of you? Cause she annoys me! Like when she’s on the cover of magazines decked out in Chanel. Why couldn’t that have been me? I blame my parents! (Fashionista)

This is what Naomi Campbell gets for her 41st birthday. I think it’s hideous and I’m still jealous. Let’s hope it takes a lot of time and money to build. It’s wrong, but it will make me feel a little better. (Styleite)

I’m sorry, but when did orthopedic shoes become okay? Like, at all? I don’t care if you have a bad back; with those shoes not only will you be in pain but you’ll be freaking lonely too. Yeah, you’re right, I’m not sorry at all. (Elle)

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