June 2, 2016

Our Favourite Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Couple Looks


Honestly, if we played guitar, this breakup would be the reason for the teardrops on it. In light of the recent news that our *fav* celeb couple has called it quits, we’ve been reminiscing on how perfect this relationship really was. They had the ultimate low-key relationship that nobody could ever bag on. They had cute dates, cute vacations, and most importantly: cute pics with even cuter outfits.

Click through for a compilation of the best Taylor Swift x Calvin Harris looks.

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February 14, 2016

Valentines Kanye Will Be Getting This Year


Kanye, we’re gonna let you finish because The Life Of Pablo sounds like it could be one of the greatest albums of all time, but the Swift Squad may not let you finish.

The Taylor army certainly knows how to stick up for each other, so in spirit of Valentine’s Day, were sending some Swift Squad inspired cards your way. Hopefully you can shake this one off.
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February 12, 2016

Taylor Swift And Her #SquadLove


The girl-power and love that Taylor Swift and her squad share totally inspires us, especially this Galentine’s Day weekend! Her squad sticks by her, no matter who’s on the opposing side.

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October 27, 2015

1989 Lyrics That Got You Through Your Breakup


If there was ever a year to go through a heart-wrenching breakup, it was 2015. Taylor Swift’s 1989 soothed and nurtured millions of broken hearts, and subsequently created millions of bad-ass b*tches who were ready to move on and break some hearts of their own.

The album officially turns one today, so we thought we’d go through each track and pull a lyric that totally spoke to our soul and pinched our tear ducts a little.

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August 4, 2015

Our Fave Taylor Swift Magazine Covers


Taylor Swift is Vanity Fair’s September 2015 cover star, and we’re kind of obsessed with it (almost as much as we’re obsessed with her). After we were done drooling over the VF cover, we decided to creep back on some of Tay’s past covers, because that was obviously the next natural step.

Then, because she’s such a beautiful creature, we decided to devote an entire post to our favourite Taylor Swift magazine covers. Now, you can see them below.  read more…

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May 19, 2015

The “Bad Blood” Music Video Explained


You may not have heard, but under-the-radar celebrity Taylor Swift premiered a video for some song that no one’s heard of at the Billboard Music Awards this weekend. It starred a bunch of nobodies. No big deal.

JUST KIDDING, biggest deal ever!

Country princess turned pop queen Taylor Swift dropped her hotly anticipated and star-studded “Bad Blood”, the fourth video and single from 1989. Swifty’s been hyping the video for weeks, posting cryptic Sin City-esque Instagrams revealing all her celeb BFFs who make an appearance in the video.

Now that we finally have the video, here it is, deconstructed by FORA.

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April 29, 2015

Copyright This: HarriSwift Lyrics For The Inevitable Break Up

Taylor Swift and Calvin HarrisTaylor Swift is quickly becoming a master of trades—she traded Country for Pop and Harry for Harris, what next, Karlie for Gigi? No! That will never happen because a girl can never have too many BFFs.

Since going public with their rumoured relationship in late March, friends, fans and paps have acted like “vultures circling” while watching Taylor’s relationship with producer Calvin Harris, which can only mean one thing—they’re doomed.
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March 10, 2015

Celebs Who Need Body-Part Insurance Policies


Ever wondered what Taylor Swift’s infamous, toned, seemingly endless legs are worth? FORA’s got your answer: $$$$$ 40 MILLION $$$$$. Recent reports have revealed that the Swiftie has taken out a hefty insurance policy protecting those gams. That got us thinking–Here are five celebs who we think need to protect their most valuable assets.

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February 24, 2015

Get Taylor Swifts STYLE

If we could have a fog machine following us around and a hot guy trailing our every move, we’d look pretty awesome too! BUT until we can fill the position ( BELIEVE us, it’s in the works) we’ve got a solution. HER STYLE!

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February 6, 2015

Katy Perry's SuperBowl Statement

sketches for Katy Perry


Sundays SuperBowl XLIX lit up at halftime with Katy Perry’s 12 minute performance, featuring 4 extravagant costumes and an entrance on the most elaborate accessory we have seen yet!
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