August 27, 2013

Everything You Need To Know About: Lily Collins

Are you as obsessed with the perfect eyebrowed It Girl, Lily Collins as I am? Probably not… But you should be! With her new flick The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones hitting theaters soon, I have dug up some need-to-know, yet interesting, facts you may not know about this British beauty. Get ready to have your mind blown. read more…

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March 19, 2013

MIXTAPE: The Sounds of Laguna Beach & The Hills

Even though perusing the closets of Teen Vogue is still a lingering dream, Justin Bobby is still kind of relevant, and Speidi is Speidi-er than ever, being deprived of watching it all unfold on time-sensitive television programs makes us V V V sad, and we hope you feel the same way/can sympathize with us. How can we embrace these feelings together? By listening to the soundtrack of our early 2000s TV love. Join us! read more…

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March 14, 2013

Throwback: An Ode to Justin Bobby

A man so great he had to be given two names. Just when you thought you would never see those mysterious stares, cut off vests, and long locks again… we bring you a throwback that is sure to make you ~nostalgic~ in all the right ways. Here is an ode to Audrina’s on again off again boyfriend, and the dude we all loved to hate: Justin Bobby. read more…

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February 21, 2013

The Coolest Roommates of All Time

When we found out that Georgia May Jagger and Cara Delevingne were soon-to-be roomies, first we were like “WHAT?” and then we spent about two weeks trying to comprehend the level of cool that would exist in that apartment. I guess if you’re incredibly famous and good-looking, it’s only natural to want to live with another incredibly famous and good-looking being. Georgia and Cara aren’t the first ridiculous pair to shack up together, obviously, but did you know about all of these other awesome roommates of yesteryear? read more…

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January 21, 2013

The Celebrity Ugly Cry

We’ve all been there, down and out and in need of that sweet fulfilling cry to get us through the hard times.  I can respect that, and can especially respect celebs who are willing to perform said cry for the camera. That being said, not every one of these celebrity cry faces are as easy on the eyes as their normal faces. Here are some of the best and most hilarious (a.k.a. my favourite) celebrity ugly cries. read more…

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April 13, 2012

What MTV Wore To Prom… And Other People, Too.

Prom is a big deal. So are celebrities. read more…

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May 4, 2011

Hermes Scarves are now Customizable, Michelle Obama Does “The Dougie” and Beyonce Can’t Walk. These and Other Style Headlines:

Sweethearts have been proposing in unique ways, which also allow the proposer to stay silent (go figure), for as along as I can remember. In sky-writing, on a jumbo-tron, in a fortune cookie … you name it. However, fashionista’s can now rejoice because the new trend is proposing on a personalized Hermes scarf. Ladies start hinting now because ball game < silk scarf. (Vogue)

J.Crew’s new catalogue features a photo of a gay couple under the caption “happy together”. The photo is of one their stylish employees and his equally stylish boyfriend. Well it’s about freaking time! Yay for Gay! (The Cut)

Word is Justin Bobby and the less-famous Montag are now dating. Well isn’t that a match made in “your 15 minutes are over’ heaven. He is making his way around the Hill’s girls quite nicely. (US Weekly)

Beyonce and Michelle Obama have been making their rounds to middle schools all over the U.S. as part of the “Let’s Move” campaign against childhood obesity. The First Lady led by example the other day at Alice Deal Middle School by doing ‘The Dougie’ and the ‘Running Man’. I’m sorry when did Mom’s stop embarrassing us by dancing ‘The Hustle” in front of all of our friends? Gosh … Michelle is so cool. (Huffpost Style)

Speaking of Beyonce, everyone is gossiping about how she and her hubby Jay-Z were booed on the red carpet at the Met Gala on Monday night. Reportedly they skipped a lot of the media on the carpet because Bey could hardly walk, and needed to be escorted up the stairs and inside. Slave to fashion? Or that tight ain’t right? (E! Online)

Rosie Huntington-Whitely has topped Maxim’s ‘Hot 100’. And I totally agree with that decision, did you see her at the Met Gala? Hubba hubba. Also, on the list Olivia Munn, Katy Perry, Cameron Diaz, Mila Kunis and newly-wed Duchess Kate Middleton. (PopEater)

Is it just me or are pregnancy photos the most awkward thing ever? No one wants to see those photos but the parent’s to be, trust me. Well Atlanta Housewife Kim Zoliack’s photos are no different. This is probably the most awkward preggers photo I’ve ever seen. Is he sniffing the fetus? (PopEater)

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April 21, 2011

AUDRINA: A Style Study.

Thought you saw the last of your girl Audrina? Think again. Audrina’s new show premieres TONIGHT on MTV Canada. And in celebration, we’re taking a little look at Audrina Style and telling you how to get her look. read more…

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April 13, 2011

Whitney's Gone Ginger: What Do You Think?

Breaking news. The Hills / The City alum Whitney Port has gone ginger. Check it out and tell us what YOU think, after the jump. read more…

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