August 21, 2014

Flashback Dream Dates

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We all have ‘crush lists’ comprised of -ultimate- dream dudes who live in a happy fantasy land (AKA a compartment in our minds). Residents? Gentlemen like Adam Levine and Ryan Gosling. Activities? Tossing footballs back and forth, jamming out during acoustic sessions, growing beards as we require them to, etc. While these dudes are great and all, there’s another compartment in our minds for another kind of crush: the fictional character crush. These imaginary dudes’ names are scrawled all over our notebooks and, needless to say, they occupy the top spots on our crush list. read more…

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May 23, 2014

Sofia Coppola Party Series: The Virgin Suicides


Sofia Coppola: The queen of creating a perfectly moody and aesthetic moment – or rather, the queen of creating a feature length film of these perfect aesthetic moments strung together in beautiful harmony.

Whenever I watch one of her films, I become totally entranced by her cinematography and the beauty of each scene. Nothing is more daunting, however, than trying to find the perfect Google image of the *EXACT* scene I may be looking for. Searching for “still image at sunrise, around the fountain, shot through the grass in Marie Antoinette” does not always yield fruitful results.

The scenes Sofia sets are so idyllic, and flawless in their ambient mood, therefore meaning that her entire collection of films would set the perfect stage for a themed party. Without further ado, you are cordially invited to throw a Virgin Suicides themed soirée!!! read more…

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September 19, 2013

Lydia Deetz vs. Lux Lisbon

Kirsten Dunst and Winona Ryder are two of my favourite actresses. They’ve both been acting for a zillion years and have IMDB pages longer than I’m willing to sift through. Winona was 17-years-old when she was cast as Lydia Deetz in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice, and 11 years later, a 17-year-old Kirsten Dunst became Lux Lisbon in the movie adaptation of The Virgin Suicides. Both characters have created a cult like following on the internet and I’m determined to find out which quirky young girl is Queen B. read more…

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July 30, 2013

The Evolution of Kirsten Dunst

~She’s sexy, she’s cute, she’s popular to boot.~ Maybe that’s why Kirsten Dunst scored Brad Pitt as her first kiss. Pop culture’s edgiest darling says “bring it on” to the beast that is Hollywoodland. Slaying fashion, film, and fame in both the indie and mainstream varieties, K-Dunst welcomes stardom with arms wide open. She’s enchanted the world’s most beloved auteurs, starting with Woody Allen at age seven and Sofia Copolla twice over. She’s Lula magazine’s official dream girl and the unofficial icon of a generation. From Jersey to L.A. – with a pit stop at Versailles – here is the evolution Kirsten Dunst. read more…

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March 28, 2013

Dressing like You're In A Sofia Coppola Movie: A Comprehensive Guide

Source: Cinemafanatic

Isn’t it nice/jealousy-inducing when the children of incredibly talented famous people turn out to be just as incredibly talented as their predecessors? That’s what happened in the case of Sofia Coppola, the spawn/offspring/daughter of Francis Ford Coppola, whose movies we’ve never grown tired of even after watching them over and over and over (thank goodness for digital copies, our DVD’s are shot).

Sofia writes and directs female characters geared towards paths of ethereal discovery – something they happen to be doing in (often) incredibly awesome clothes. And seeing as how Sofia is BFF’s with Marc Jacobs, it’s safe to say that she is no stranger to ~fashion~, and her personal style is the instigator of that je ne sais quoi to the aesthetic of her films. If you’ve ever wanted to emulate her latest, greatest, and most lovely, read on for a comprehensive guide to follow along with the best style moments in her movies. read more…

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