May 30, 2014

Street Style Lookbook: June Prep

Hey y’alls. It’s almost June – and you know what that means! Park hangs! Sunshine! Casual tree-leaning! Sunglasses! Smiles! Friendship! Etc etc!

Even if the weather has yet to make up it’s mind (AKA quit playing games with my heart!), that doesn’t mean that we can’t put our best potentially-sandaled foot forward and enjoy the beginning of what should be a very beautiful summer. read more…

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October 25, 2011

HEADLINES: Stacey’s Style is Still Shit, Vogue Goes Naked for November, and Jenna Lyons Dumps Her Man for a Lady.

So you missed Tom Ford’s documentary on the Oprah Winfrey Network … well, we can’t say we blame you. We can’t stand the ‘listen to your inner voice’ crap either. But if you are like us you are probably still intrigued by the supposed exclusive access Opes was given into the designer’s private life. No worry, The Fashion Spot is here to save the day! (The Fashion Spot)

Luella Bartley, handbag designer, gave quite the interview to The Observer recently; stating, “English women are feminists without thinking about it.” Her reasoning? Because they are more concerned with looking cool than sexy. But don’t get all huffy yet; she goes on to say that this does not apply to all English girls while simultaneously taking a stab at Cheryl Cole. Oooo sassy! (VogueUK)

If you didn’t already know – you heard it here first! Next month is officially Naked November. Okay, well … not OFFICIALLY but judging from these Vogue covers we’re not that far off! (Fashionista)

Man, these Middletons and their sensible style! Pippa was spotted out and about in an eye-catching red jacket from Zara. I like that they don’t feel the need to only wear couture. I give them a lot of flack but they are quite humble, aren’t they? (In Style)

It seems that Jenna Lyons and Vincent Mazeau are headed for divorce. Yes, it’s sad BUT it gets better. Apparently word is getting around that Jenna has moved on with … another woman! Who is said to also works in fashion. Please let this be the one time Page Six is right! (Fashionologie)

That’s just like people, eh? You give them a compliment and then they make you regret it instantly! Stacey Kiebler’s red carpet marathon continued last night, as did her tendency to look like shit. Those ruffles – yuck! George would you just take care of this already! Conversely Carey Mulligan looked stunning! (Popsugar)

Hilary Duff did something of note – for a change. The sometimes actress/singer sported a side braid recently; incorporating strands of leather throughout the ‘do. And were digging it! Good work, now go work on that career because we are starting to forget who you are! (Us Weekly)

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October 20, 2011

HEADLINES: Tom Ford Makes a Documentary with Oprah (of all people), Christian Louboutin is Relentless, and Stacey Kiebler has a Nip-hap (…that's a nipple mishap).

Titty tape, areola adhesive, mammary masking tape … whatever you call it – Stacey Kiebler’s is showing and that’s a fashion no-no! Surprisingly, George is actually looking at her face and totally missed her misstep. Figures! (Dlisted)

Pro: Tom Ford’s highly anticipated documentary finally has a premiere date Con: It’s an OWN network documentary (as in the Oprah Winfrey Network.) Tom swears no one has ever been allowed to film him like this, so let’s hope that it actually has some substance. However it’s probably just about listening to your inner voice or some crap like that. (Fashionologie)

Christian Louboutin never accepts a first offer; evidenced in the appeal filed on Monday in his case against YSL and their use of red soled shoes. That or he is extremely proud and stubborn. I’m going to side with the latter. (The Cut)

Rent the Runway is the new Netflix for couture. And now thanks to their recent collaboration with What Goes Around Comes Around you can rent vintage Chanel, probably the most coveted vintage merchandise out there. But don’t get your hopes up just yet; a vintage Chanel bag will run you $350 for just four to eight days. Yeah, not too sure it’s worth it! (

Just when you thought the recession taught us about the dangers of excess we come across this. For the sneakerhead that has everything; $19K 24 carat gold shoelaces! Really? You’ve replaced shoe laces before right? You know how filthy they get yet that’s where you are going to throw your money? I don’t think so! (The Look)

Seriously? Can everyone just let Barbie evolve? It seems the newest Barbie features tattoos which have caused some backlash from naïve parents. Really? You think a doll with tattoos can negatively impact your child; but forget about the fact that her unrealistic proportions are making 10 year olds start dieting. People suck! (The Globe and Mail)

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September 9, 2011

HEADLINES: Anna confirms Marc Jacobs at Dior, Mulberry moves to the city that never sleeps, and Prada WOWS with video lookbook.

Anna Dello Russo plays favourites and she doesn’t care who knows it. Marc Jacobs? ‘One of the five designers of the CENTURY.‘ Quite the compliment, no? Oh, and Marc Jacobs at Dior: confirmed. (Fashionista)

There really is no excuse for this. Especially not from Upper East Side’s resident fashionista Blair Waldorf. Yuck! (Dlisted)

Mulberry has opened its NY flagship store just in time for fashion week. And it looks like this British brand is getting quite comfortable in the city that never sleeps. (The Purse Blog)

I’ve never understood why spring lines show in the fall. I mean I understand the business aspect of being one step ahead but please don’t tease me with spring when cold weather is imminent. Especially not with The Row, I die for The Row. (Vogue)

So I don’t know if you’ve caught on yet but it’s Fashion Week in New York (pardon the sarcasm I know your not dumb). To celebrate In Style interviewed celebs like Emma Roberts and Rachel Bilson to find out their first-ever fashion show memories. (In Style)

Hands down the coolest look book I’ve seen this season! And probably the most interesting. Brava Prada! (The Daily Beast)

Carine Roitfeld’s opinion really is revered. Tom Ford chose what to produce based on Roitfeld’s suggestions. Tom Ford, the man who personally revived to major fashion houses (well in my opinion). She’s big tyme! ( Fashionologie)

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