June 30, 2011

Christian Louboutin Wants to Murder Your Ankles, Rihanna’s Panties are Vajazzled and Velvet d’Amour Just Became My New 1st Round Draft Pick. These are Today’s Style Headlines.

Emma Watson carrying a ‘graduation’ styled teddy bear at Heathrow Airport despite dropping out of Brown last year – swag or no swag? (Popsugar)

Rihanna gives the camera quite the money shot while in concert at The Staples Center. Man, you would think those jewels would chafe. (HuffPost Entertainment)

Meow! Chanel’s new stylist Carine Roitfeld is turning up the heat for the Fall ad campaign with a black cat suit, no literally. (Fashionologie)

The Olsen’s are launching their next clothing line, this time T-shirts, exclusively on Not to be confused with (Kate Bosworth’s latest project). ‘T-shirt Time’ just got a lot more boring as the designs are lack-luster to say the least. However, the promo-pic does feature MK grabbing Ashley’s ass, so there’s that. (In Style)

I can feel my ankles breaking just looking at these 8-inch Louboutin’s. (Daily Mail)

Mark my words if I had 4.8 million dollars I would not be spending it all on a scarf. I don’t care who designed it. (Shine)

I’ve been saying this all along (however not as articulately). Preach on Velvet d’Amour; preach on! This ain’t no Renaissance people. (Jezebel)

Written by the ZOMG LOL ROFL funny Jessica Di Clemente – check her out if you want good abs.

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