July 15, 2016

Five Female Gamers To Binge Watch On YouTube


Contrary to popular belief, video games are not just for boys (but you knew that). Maybe it’s because we’re used to battling the patriarchy in real life, but girls can in fact hold their own in the video game world by kicking butt and keeping up with the boys (or in some cases leaving them in the dust).

In recent years, girls have come forward with some seriously upsetting stories of experiencing sexism and harassment within the gaming community, but these badass gals aren’t ones to back down. Here are five fearless female gamers who are literally killing the game.

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June 6, 2012

If You Love Tetris, Now You Can Wear It

On this day in 1984, a little game named Tetris was invented. You convinced your parents it made you smarter to cover up your addiction to tile-matching tetrominoes for hours on end, with the literal possibility of indefinite play. Nostalgic yet? Not just for nerds and gamers, Tetris’ shapes and colours fit perfectly into themselves, and really well into fashion. As you hum the theme song to yourself – and we know you are – take a look at ten Tetris inspired fashions. read more…

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May 10, 2012

8 Fashionable Video Game Characters + What They’d Wear

An ode to our favourite video game characters, who are not only good at fighting crime and killing things, but look awesomely fashionable doing so.  Fashion + Video Games… Who would have thought? read more…

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