August 31, 2015

2015 VMAs Best Dressed


Another award show, another Taylor Swift music video premiere, another red carpet full of daring choices. Last night the VMAs took place in LA, and as always they did not disappoint. Although there was shade thrown, tiffs resolved and Presidential campaigns launched- some of the fashion choices we saw were still the most dramatic things of the night.

Click through to see FORAs top picks for best dressed at the 2015 VMAs.

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October 8, 2013

Miley Cyrus Gambling Odds

Love it or hate it, Miley Cyrus has made it to the top of the entertainment world by shaking her butt, not wearing pants, and smoking jazz cigarettes while the rest of us tweet about said butt during our lunch breaks at work. What’s she going to do next? Well, I’m willing to bet she’ll be sticking her tongue out and not giving an ~F~ the next time we see her. Who would take that bet? I’m not sure, but I’ve compiled a list of predictions on Miley’s life and the payout you’ll recieve if you’re right. So place your bets people and become a winner winner chicken dinner. read more…

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August 26, 2013

Before Spandex Underwear: My Favourite Miley Moments

I tuned into the VMAs last night just in time to watch Miley Cyrus strip and “twerk” near and around Robin Thicke’s certain (and non-specific) ‘area’. “Oh, that’s interesting,” I said to myself as I continued to watch the television, my jaw slightly ajar and my thumb welded to the refresh button on my Twitter app. “She has nice abs. How do I get my abs to look like that?”

It wasn’t until my mother glimpsed the offerings of my television set that I became acutely aware of what was taking place in front of me. As Miley “danced” I could feel my mother’s stare penetrating into my soul – judging me for watching the fete with such unrequited attentiveness, and questioning where she, as a parent, went wrong in letting me revel (with such joy) in these (monumental) pop culture happenings.

With as much distain as she could muster, she yelped, along with the rest of the world, “What on earth are you watching?” And in that moment, the Guinness World Record for the most communal and widespread stank face (re: Miley’s promiscuous behaviour) was set. With more shock/horror than expressed by all 5 members of One Direction, Rihanna, and the #mahomies (that allegedly exist for the benefit of Austin Mahone’s self esteem) combined, the world watched as Miley twerked. read more…

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May 29, 2013

KANYE: Best, Worst And Most Confusing Moments


Though Kanye essentially has an empire of his own, he isn’t perfect. In fact, there have been so many “blips” in his career that it’s surprising that he is so highly regarded as some sort of “fashion god.” Although I feel like I’m in no position to argue with that (after all, not everyone can do it like Kanye), I’m slightly concerned that Mr. West might actually think he’s a higher power (read: Tay Swift). After all, he announced that he “is Art” at one of his concerts in Vancouver (I was there and it was a total WTF moment), and he posed as Jesus on a cover of Rolling Stone back in 2006. In the story, West spoke of his ego. “You want me to be great but you don’t ever want me to say I’m great?” And this, by the way, was just shortly after he released “Jesus Walks”…..

Okay, okay, we get it. But what’s next, Yeezy? read more…

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