June 12, 2014

GIRL GUIDE: Kimberley Gordon

If Kimberley Gordon ran the world, casual office days would be like giant slumber parties accompanied by all-night movie marathons with the occasional/impromptu watercolour fest. Or at least that’s how she runs things down at the Wildfox Couture headquarters, an LA-based centre of operations from which she creative directs the knitwear brand from your wildest fantasies. Literally. Take one look at her most recent stroke of genius Royal Romance, and you’ll understand. It’s the stuff our dreams are made of.

Though her look books are straight fairytale, Kim’s journey to the top wasn’t so bright and shinny. Radiating girlpower with her sunny outlook, you’d be hard pressed to guess that this English rose grew up in the rain. Foregoing a traditional education for a self-prescribed direction is only one chapter of the story. What came next? Well you’ll just have to read on. But know however, that Kim’s journey teaches us this: despite the circumstances we come from, we can still shoot for the farthest stars. And if those stars so happen to adorn the celeb-favourite Wildfox Lennon Sweater, even better!

So sit back and let the O.W. (that’s Original Wildfox, FYI) show you how it’s done. Because work days where easy-bake ovens and friendship reign supreme are where you want to be.
Trust us. No, trust Kim. read more…

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May 24, 2013

Street Style Lookbook: Peep Show

I think weather people everywhere were confused, as temperatures soared to unusually humid heights and then plummeted to chilly breezes within the span of a couple of hours. To counter these unusual patterns, local style-savants opted for layers on top, and bare ankles on the bottom. So what do you think, humans? Should we take our cues from these streetstylers and finally bid byebye to wool socks? read more…

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May 10, 2013

Street Style Lookbook: Micro

Though the weather is still fluctuating between sunny summer and rainy spring, we’ve been taking the opportunity to sport bare legs and sandals all week. Admittedly, there have been days when the temperatures are deceiving /not-warm/ and we are forced to revisit the spring jackets and long-sleeved jersey basics that are often overlooked year after year, but regardless of this awkward transitory weather, bare legs will 4ever remain – that is, unless it starts snowing again… #foreverbeatingthesystem read more…

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October 17, 2011

Sweater Weather

I don’t know about you; but I’m still mourning summer. It’s October; I know! My denial is pathetic. However, I find that a new wardrobe can get me excited to dress for even the coldest of climates. The only problem is; which sweater to choose? read more…

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