January 27, 2012

HEADLINES: Mitch Winehouse Continues to Talk to the Media, Obama Makes Al Green Some Cash Money, and Jeremy Scott’s Designs Terrify.

Will Kopelman is pretty cute. I really hope this one sticks. But, knowing Drew, it won’t. Why must she marry everyone? (Popsugar)

Yikes! The Addidas Orignals x Jeremy Scott collection is here and well … it’s terrifying! Seriously, if anyone approached me wearing these suspender pants I would mace their ass and RUN! (High Snobiety)

Oh joy! There will be even MORE Kim Kardashian on television this summer. Ugh, haven’t we endured enough? All I’m saying is her character better have a crying scene, because watching Kim’s frozen face attempt to cry is the only way to find her entertaining.   (Too Fab)

When Obama sings it’s good for business. Just ask Al Green. He isn’t half bad either. I’ll take Obama singing over Stephen Harper singing any day of the week. (Huff Post Entertainment)

Mitch Winehouse is angered by Jean Paul Gaultier’s ‘tribute’ to Amy in his recent couture show. He says it glamourizes the upsetting times in her life. Why? Because they were smoking? I don’t buy it. (Fashionologie)

So the rumours that Oprah was named Blue Ivy’s Godmother are false. Please tell me that does NOT mean its Gwyneth. By the way, when did Gayle’s sole job become being Oprah’s mouth-piece? Doesn’t she have like 10 publicists for that? (Styleite)

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