November 30, 2016

Super Warm And Super Stylish Winter Coats


It’s a sad, cold day when you realize that your black leather bomber just won’t cut it as outerwear anymore (even layered over a sweater, with a scarf, hat and mitts), and alas, that day is upon us. As November draws to a close and December brings in it’s chilly temperatures, we’re left with no choice but to bundle up. This year, we want you to leave your bulky parkas behind for a stylish upgrade.

We scoured the internet for five parkas that will keep you warm ~and stylish~ this winter!


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February 20, 2016

Technique Of The Week: How To Get Silky Smooth Hair


It’s winter┬áDRY season which means frizzy hair is unavoidable. Tame the friz-monster on your head with Much Digital Creator Tasha Leelyn. She shows us how to achieve smooth, silky hair…even in the winter.

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March 3, 2015

To DIY For: Birch Tree Candles

main candle image

Just when you think you are running out of creative inspiration..or even tolerance for this winter weather, take another look! You’ll be surprised at what you may find in your own backyard.

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February 19, 2015

10 Things To Do In Your Own City on Reading Week

IT’S READING WEEEEK… season. Everyone’s breaks are scattered around this time of year, but one thing can almost always be certain…if you’re staying home, it’s COLD (eh??). For those of us who stay kaput, Reading Week is mostly about relaxing, enjoying your time, adventuring, catching up with family/friends and also avoiding any homework we have, because it’s READING Week. Duh. So to keep you busy, here are some FORA-FIED ideas for you to have FUN in your own city this break!

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Mood Board: Cozy Up


cozy board main image


Sometimes staying in is where the good times are. Enough of this dashing from building to building in attempts to avoid the winter wind. Cozy up this weekend and hibernate in an uninterrupted series of warm drinks, bubble baths, and oversized sweaters. That’s where I’ll be!

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February 10, 2014

Your Comprehensive Guide To: Wearing Things On Your Head

It’s wintertime in the city, and that means the arrival of one thing that every self-respecting individual detests most. Nope – it’s not the slushy streets or blustering winds, but the oh-so-dreaded hat hair.

Okay, okay. Is hat hair really that bad? The static look can definitely come in handy in certain situations – at a science convention, perhaps, or when you’re taking the subway alone and want to avoid any and all potential conversations with strangers. But for the most part, winter hair is a bother – and that’s exactly why I’ve compiled this handy list of headwear & hairstyle combinations to keep you looking cute and unruffled through the next fews months of winter hell bliss. You may even be tempted to wear things on your head all year round! read more…

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