June 11, 2013

The Cast of Teen Mom: Before and Afters

With the original Teen Moms behind us and the gals from Teen Mom 2 done with season four and (maybe, possibly, hopefully) gearing up for a another fabulous season of fun, it’s time to take a look back to where it all began. Before the hair extensions, plastic surgery, and questionable tattoo choices, here is a look at the cast of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2… 2013 version.




Source: MTV

I can’t decide if Maci is my favourite Teen Mom or if Bentley (Bentlayyy) is just the cutest child of all time (and, in turn, makes her the favourite… since she created him). Nonetheless, Maci has had her ups and downs, but has always come out on top. She has changed her look up quite a bit, adding some crazy hair and a slew of tattoos, but I think she is the only Teen Mom who pulled it off in a tasteful way.

Source: MTV





Source: MTV

My girl Catelynn, always makin’ me proud. She has gone through an awesome transformation, losing 22 pounds and becoming a spokesperson alongside her hubby-to-be Tyler.




Source: MTV / Splash News

Over the years, Amber lost her baby weight (awesome!) but unfortunately traded that in for an orange jumpsuit. Probably one of the saddest transformations :'(




Source: MTV / Crushable

Ugh, I take that back… Farrah actually takes the ‘saddest transformation’ title from Amber. Let it be known that is was also very difficult to find an appropriate ‘after’ photo to use as reference, due to her recent business ventures. After her many plastic surgeries and DUI arrest, and waxing her child’s eyebrows(!!!), Farrah needs to just leave the ‘spotlight’ for good (to the left).



Source: MTV / Twitter

Where to begin with Jenelle? We could kind of tell by her episode of 16 and Pregnant that the future did not look too bright for this wild child, but after some run-ins with the law and ditching boyfriend Kieffer (better known as Kieffah) for good, Jenelle has cleaned up her act and look, and is on the road to recovery.

Source: MTV

Always generally unimpressed with life.




Source: MTV / Splash News

Not much to note here for Chelsea, other than some bleach blonde extensions and a few hair feathers.


Source: MTV

Still cryin’ tho.



Source: FanPop / Twitter

The only thing that has really changed about Kailyn’s look is the excessive amount of ¿questionable? tattoos that leave most everyone mind-boggled. She gets tatted at a place called ‘Sick Ink’ which is totally sick, man……..

 Source: Twitter



Source: MTV

Had to save the most drastic transformation for last. Back in her 16 and Pregnant episode, Leah sported crusty curls with straightened bangs. However, she has since traded them in for long luscious locks and braces. She also now has three babies now and is divorced from Corey (noooo!) and has already re-married! Ps. she’s only 21.


So there’s that…!



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