March 23, 2015

The Cold Pressed Truth


JUICING. Love it or hate it (or too broke to try it), you can’t deny the health benefits it provides. An average 16-ounce bottle of cold pressed juice contains anywhere from one to six pounds of produce! That’s a whole lot of nutrients, but it leaves us with one burning question- WHAT EVEN IS COLD PRESSED JUICE? What does it mean? Is the produce being pressed? Is the press really cold? Isn’t all juice cold? Is there hot pressed juice? Is it as good as FRESH SQUEEZED juice?

We decided to do some sleuthing into this ‘pressing’ matter, and let’s just say, we now really want an office juicer.

So, what exactly is cold pressed juice? We found out it actually has two separate meanings, depending on where you’re getting it from.

There are two types of juicers in this world- one that keeps nutrients, and one that doesn’t. If you’re doing your own juicing at home, a cold press juicer (a.k.a. a masticating juicer) gets more juice out of the produce than a regular juicer. It also ‘presses’ the produce, which helps to retain more nutrients, rather than shredding it with blades. So, if you’re looking to invest in a juicer (hi!) then this model is more bang for your buck.(VERY IMPORTANT SIDENOTE: Was the NuNu actually a masticating juicer???)


So you’d rather sprawl out on your couch and binge watch the newest Netflix series (GUILTY) than spend your days juicing away? Have no fear, pre-made cold pressed juices are here! But when you buy those $11+ bottles of juices, what EXACTLY are you getting? First off- make sure they are clearly labelled either “cold pressed” or “High Pressure Processed”. The Cold Pressed process is decades-old and requires fruits and vegetables to be ground up, placed in a bag and PRESSED with so much force that nearly every drop of juice is extracted. High Pressure Processed allows cold pressed juices to have a longer shelf life by putting the bottles of juice in high pressure water for about 80 seconds- a process that stunts the growth of pathogens.

Here are some of our fave bottled cold pressed juices:

LEFT: Greenhouse Juice Co. MIDDLE:Juice Matters RIGHT: The Good Press

And there you have it, the COLD PRESSED TRUTH!

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