February 21, 2013

The Coolest Roommates of All Time

When we found out that Georgia May Jagger and Cara Delevingne were soon-to-be roomies, first we were like “WHAT?” and then we spent about two weeks trying to comprehend the level of cool that would exist in that apartment. I guess if you’re incredibly famous and good-looking, it’s only natural to want to live with another incredibly famous and good-looking being. Georgia and Cara aren’t the first ridiculous pair to shack up together, obviously, but did you know about all of these other awesome roommates of yesteryear?



Jude Law & Ewan McGregor

Photo Credit: Lorenzo Agius for Vogue UK

Well this wasn’t exactly the worst looking roommate duo. Though this pair has yet to work together, they did live together early on in their careers. I wonder if you start to look like the person you live with after some time?



Chase Crawford & Ed Westwick

Photo Credit: NY Daily News

Not only were these boys Gossip-boy pals, they were also roommates when they first began filming for Gossip Girl. Before moving out to his own 2-bedroom Manhattan pad, Crawford reminisced about their time together in an interview stating, “Ed and I ran a good ship there for a while. We have some good memories.” Aww, shucks. #bromance



Matt Damon & Ben Affleck

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Oh, look at that. What a surprise—another ridiculously good-looking, famous roommate duo. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck lived together while working on their Oscar-winning film, Good Will Hunting. Ben Affleck shared their experience together: “We rented this house on the beach in Venice and 800 people came and stayed with us and got drunk. Then we ran out of money and had to get an apartment.” Sounds about right.



Kristen Stewart & Nikki Reed

Photo Credit: Getty Images

These ladies bunked up together in Vancouver while they were filming New Moon. Apparently they were a pair of little homebodies according to Reed who said that “We didn’t go out much. Peter Facinelli (Twilight series co-star) is a great cook so he made us pasta.”



Dianna Agron & Lea Michele

Photo Credit: Fox

Never mind that these girls are rivals on set of Glee. In real life, they’re BFFs and once-upon-a-time (or potentially still?) roommates. Also, they are both vegans. In case you were wondering…



Lauren Conrad & Heidi Montag

Photo Credit: MTV

Before Spencer Pratt and plastic surgery took over Heidi’s life, she held a genuine friendship and living situation with fellow The Hills star, Lauren Conrad. The two met in an art class in San Francisco and then moved to LA when they started filming. Ah, the good ‘ol days!



Ryan Gosling & Michelle Williams

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Apparently the Blue Valentine co-stars were told they had to live together to “capture their characters’ frustrations”. Surrreee… 😉 Either way, it was only supposed to last a week, but ended up lasting a month. Williams said Gosling was too hard to hate because he “does the dishes and takes care of the kids”. As if we weren’t already in love, thanks Michelle.



Lindsay Lohan & Raven Symone

Photo Credit: WireImage

Well, this is an odd ball couple. Before Lindsay turned into a tabloid regular, she lived with former Disney Princess, Raven Symone. The two met on set of a fashion shoot when they were youngsters. I wonder what happened…?



Justin Long & Jonah Hill

Photo Credit: Strange Wilderness

Imagine the LOLs and consequent ab workouts you’d get living with these two. How would Jonah describe their chemistry? “I would say we’re the next Rosie O’Donnell and Madonna.” Naturally.



Kiefer Sutherland & Robert Downey Jr.

Photo Credit: Atlantic Entertainment Group

Not only did these bad boys share a love for action flicks, they also shared an L.A. pad together for three years when Sutherland first moved to Hollywood. Wouldn’t have complained being neighbours with these two!



Cara Delevingne & Georgia May Jagger

Photo Credit: Mr. Blasberg

Pretty much, the most sought-after house warming party of all time. Later this year, BFF British models Cara Delevingne and Georgia May Jagger will be moving into an apartment together in North London. Do they win as coolest roomies of all time? Most definitely. Need another roommate? Call me.



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