February 23, 2018

The Evolution Of Figure Skating Style

The Winter Olympics have always been filled with iconic moments — especially when it comes to the figure skating. From landing a triple axel to perfecting one’s twizzles, to even becoming the world’s most decorated skaters (Tessa&Scott4Evaaa), figure skating has a lot of beautiful moments.

But the ~beauty lover~ inside us can’t help but notice the makeup, hair and fashion trends that have been hitting the ice every four years. And it seems each generation of figure skating has had its own iconic *look* Here’s the FORA Evolution of Olympic figure skating style.


There was a major culture shift happening in the 60s, and USA’s Peggy Fleming was the first to bring ~glam~ to the rink. With her beehive hairdo and dramatic cat-eye makeup, Fleming showcased a more grown up quality of figure skating style. Her look was very modern and came from the artistic setting of the decade, which somehow transferred to athletics, starting the trend of personal expression in professional figure skating looks.



Leaving eyeliner behind, the 70s saw a much more natural approach to makeup with soft pink blushes and matching lips. Some skaters were even going completely *bare* faced, but it was their hairstyles that really stood out. Questionable bowl cuts were everywhere, while some like Canada’s own Karen Magnussen, went for the short, Twiggy-style haircut.



The 80s is where things really started to get ~funky~ And the most fashionable babe of the decade was definitely Canada’s Elizabeth Manley. The 1988 Olympic silver medallist incorporated every trend from the 80s into her figure skating look. We got the big hair, the fake nails, the blue eyeshadow, the bold strike of blush on each cheek, the neon pink lips — it may seem like a lot now, but back then, Manley was totally on trend.



The 90s started off with similar trends to the late 80s with lots of bold colours, but there was definitely less clashing going on. Eyeshadow and liner became less intense compared to the 80s, while pink lips became more *matted* than ~glossy~ One big change in style come the 90s was BANGS. And while some of us are probably cringing while we anxiously await ours to grow out (yes, even still), those frizzy side bangs would be sticking around for the next couple years.



USA’s Michelle Kwan hit the ice in Salt Lake City at the 2002 Olympics with a much more toned down look compared to that of the 90s. Her style was like everyone else’s (figure skater or not) at the time: burgundy lips, smooth pale skin and light black eyeliner. Gone is the streaky blush and neon colours! Hair is now sleek and slick for a timeless look that’s much closer to what current figure skaters are sporting.



Canada’s Joannie Rochette and Kaetlyn Osmond are *shining* examples of what today’s current figure skating style is like. Today’s figure skating trends include subtle berry hued lips and flawless, dewy skin that’s slightly contoured, with soft, perfectly blended eyeshadow and winged eyeliner. It’s a light makeup aesthetic that looks very elegant on the ice.


By: Brooklyn Neustaeter

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