October 16, 2014

The Fault In Our Sobs

John Green created this epic love story between two cancer patients, leaving a permanent mark in the Rom-Com world. I had zero shame when my ugly cry came out in the movie theatre. Think Kim Kardashian crying face + Mariah Carey whistle tones + loud sobs. Maybe it was because I was in the midst of a fling with Summer-Bae. Or maybe…you know…because these movies set such high expectations for us viewers. If a guy ever took me to meet Stephen King, I’d probably propose. Okay that’s a little extreme, but I wouldn’t friendzone him. EVER.



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When the first trailer was released, I probably shouldn’t have watched it in public.

Fact: I have my reaction on video.

Long story short: I watched the trailer in the arts lounge at school, and ended up sobbing because they chose an excellent One Republic song for the trailer and the narration was perfect.

Random arts student: “Why are you crying, are you okay?”
Now that it’s out on DVD, I’m starting to get nostalgic. Blame the commercials, and their choice to use a Bastille song ok. :'(

Another fact: I’m a sucker for movie soundtracks, and movie scores.

We meet Hazel (played by Shailene Woodley) in the beginning of the film. You watch her as she reads an Imperial Affliction, surrounded by PDA and the likes. In an instant, you witness her reflect upon her non-existent love life.

The Fault In Our Stars isn’t your usual love story, and the two main characters don’t meet in Biology class. The male doesn’t run his fingers through his hair (repeatedly), offer a casual wink, and then proclaim he’s a vampire. No. This is a story that begins in a cancer support group.


Love At First Metaphor


Gus doesn’t hesitate to hit on her after meeting her. In an instant, he pulls out his charm, wit, and metaphors to woo her.



I’m Not Crying, It’s Allergies!!!


(Side note: the T-Shirt Gus was wearing in this scene was the shirt Hazel wore when she found out he died).



Throwback Thursday


You meet Isaac (played by Nat Wolff) who’s about to lose his eyesight, then lose his girlfriend because of the surgery. (Who would dump Nat btw?) I mean…we all remember him in “The Naked Brothers Band”….



Where Can I Build-A-Boyfriend Like This?


We get to witness their love evolve throughout the film, watch them bond over movies, and then bond over how they use their cancer perks. Augustus refuses to go into the friend zone – something not many men can do. Maybe it’s because time is a factor, or because he just couldn’t be friends with her. (Adam Brody paved the way for this).





Augustus uses his Children’s Wish to have Hazel meet the author of “An Imperial Affliction” in hopes that Hazel would get the ending to the novel. He was willing to write a sequel to “An Imperial Affliction,” after Van Houten (author dude) refused to talk about the ending.

Let me repeat that: He was willing to write a sequel to Hazel’s favourite book. (man-boys you should be taking notes)

Once we find out that Augustus is running out of time, Isaac and Hazel decide to throw him a private funeral. The private eulogy reading is when the ugly-sobs erupted, because the notion itself of someone reading your eulogy to you, may or may be the most heartbreaking thing to witness. Those who read the book already knew what was about to happen next. The only way to describe it was kind of like the beginning of a rollercoaster, where we’re waiting for the drop (AKA the phone-call of sobs.) Then Van Houten drops by for Gus’ funeral, and gives Hazel her eulogy written by Gus. *Insert more sobs* At the end of it all, Ed Sheeran’s “All of The Stars” comes on, and we’re faced with sitting there red, puffy, and distraught by what we’ve witnessed. This movie/book was beautifully written. It’s a different type of love story, that makes us emotional, but also has the ability to give us hope. It was a great movie…just make you’re emotionally prepared for it if you haven’t seen it yet.






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