April 16, 2015

The Five Most Important Platonic Relationships in Your Life

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Upon realizing that my relationship with my hairdresser is my longest, happiest and most functional relationship with a man (11 faithful years), I found myself asking what makes for a healthy platonic affair.

The answer lead me to another epiphany–aspects that make these non-romantic relationships successful could easily be applied to our romantic relationships. Here we’ve examined the most important platonic relationships in your life and what we can learn for our ♥ love lives ♥.



They’ve made us laugh. They’ve made us cry. Like a boyfriend, your relationship with your hairdresser has its share of ups and downs.

Take away message for your romantic relationship: Trust blindly.  Give up (some) control in your relationship with your boo. Trust them all the time.

Additionally: Forgive them when they make mistakes. (Or listen better? No one looks good with straight across bangs.)



Whether it’s your nail lady, your eyebrow lady or your waxer, your esthetician is an important person in your life. They’ve seen you at your worst—broken nails, dirty feet, haggard eyebrows—or they’ve simply seen you (depending on what you’re getting waxed! *monkey covering eyes emoji*).

Take away message: Don’t be shy. Say what you think and be vocal about what you want. I’ve learned the hard way–if you don’t, you end up with too thin eyebrows.

Additionally: Sometimes the ones who love you hurt you.



Your relationship with your trainer is complex. It takes trust. Care. Discipline. There’s sweat, tears and occasionally blood. But at the end of the day, it’s all for the goal of stepping up your game. #GAINS

Take away message: No one said it would be easy. Motivate each other to have ambitious goals and help your significant other reach them.

Additionally: Wear sweatpants around them. #sweatpantsgate




How would you make it through the morning without your barista? Whether it’s your triple shot lactose-free latte or the five-minute therapy session you have with them while waiting in line, they always get your mornings started correctly.

Take away message: Like a steaming cup of black coffee, your partner should be energizing and stimulating. Correspondingly, like your barista, you should know exactly what to do when your significant other needs a pick-me-up.

Additionally: Be nicer in the mornings.



Your relationship with your landlord can be polarized. Having a good landlord relies on more than just if you’re a good tenant or not. But what makes a good landlord is the same every time: being reliable and following through.

Take away message: Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Deliver on the things you say you’ll do. (Just ask the hole in the wall that’s been there since before you moved in).

Additionally: Quick response time is also important. Text back promptly. Don’t be a jerk.

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