January 20, 2017

The Most Iconic First Lady Looks Throughout History


Today, we are taking a look back at some of the most iconic looks worn by First Ladies. Countless eyes not only watch the President-elect, but also the future First Lady as she steps into the role of being America’s most visible and influential figure. The First Lady has to look timeless and elegant, but still fresh and modern at every social event for the next four years.

Here are out favourite FLOTUS fashion moments throughout history.

Of course, First lady Jackie Kennedy’s mourning outfit makes our list. This look is in everyone’s favourite FLOTUS fashion moments and is probably the most iconic First Lady look ever. Jackie is one of the most fashionable First Lady’s in history and has worn so many great outfits, but nobody forgets this one.



This canary yellow jacket/dress combination served as the message America needed after the JFK assassination: beauty and hope. And Lady Bird Johnson definitely delivered. The sleek lines of the jacket create a beautiful  silhouette while its fur accents and the addition of the white gloves elevate the overall look.



This First Lady look from President Carter’s Inaugural Ball is iconic not only for its ornate gold embellishments and ethereal quality, but Rosalynn Carter chose to re-wear this dress from her husband’s Inauguration as Governor of Georgia to send a powerful message to America during its economic slump.



Although Nancy Reagan has had many great looks from her time as First Lady, we enjoy the one below of her pictured at the California Capitol Building in 1967. She is wearing her classic colour, red, and the dress is a retro style that has seen a comeback in fashion in recent years. Nancy wore outfits that really never went out of style.



We all know Hillary loves a good pantsuit-and so do we-but the sheer, frilled black dress she wore as First Lady to greet the Chinese Premier is a look to remember. Not only does the dress look stunning on her, but many stars would wear something like this on a red carpet today. This look is the definition of classic but chic.



Of course, Michelle Obama makes this list with the stunning bronze Versace dress she wore to her final White House Dinner as First Lady. Michelle has worn so many amazing outfits over the past eight years, but this one is a stand out. Michelle could be mistaken for Beyoncé in this dress-it’s the kind of look that creates a ‘wow’ moment.


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