January 19, 2016

The Resurgence Of Juicy Couture

Admit it, you’ve been low key wearing your old Juicy tracksuit around your house just waiting for it’s resurgence. We’re predicting that resurgence may be NOW.  Made In L.A, a new TV series produced by Mila Kunis and based around the founders of Juicy Couture will be launching soon. It’s inspired by the memoir The Glitter Plan written by the Juicy founders and focuses on how the empire came to be.

In honour of this anticipated series launch, we went back into the Juicy vaults and put together a list of our favourite moments in celeb Juicy Couture history.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner were always on point with their Juicy attire…can’t say the same about their footwear though.



Paris Hilton was spotted frequently in her collection of velour tracksuits, usually pink and usually sparkly.



Eva Longoria always kept it classy in her navy blue or pretty purple suits.



It’s no surprise Nicki Minaj loved the booty enhancing outfits. Her anaconda definitely does in this photo.



Kim Kardashian was so loyal to Juicy we’re convinced she owned a suit in every colour. But will Kanye let her pull off this look again?



Britney Spears was regularly noticed in a Juicy tracksuit…Oops she wore it again.



Rocking Juicy is definitely not the start of something new for Vanessa Hudgens.



Even though she really pulled it off, we have a pretty good feeling Miley Cyrus will not be caught in her velour anytime soon.



For many celebs, like Jessica Simpson, the suits were airplane comfy and paparazzi friendly.



No one looked as fierce as Jennifer Lopez did in her hot pink velour. Safe to say she slaaayed this look.



Yes, even Snooki supported the brand when she wasn’t tearing up the dance floor.



Jessica Alba usually wore just the pants and opted out of wearing the whole suit, but we see that matching sweater girl.



#NEVERFORGET:  Tori Spelling’s Juicy Couture wedding day.


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