June 27, 2016

Throw The Best Shade With These Eye-Catching Sunnies


Sunglasses are everyone’s #1 summer BFF (best frames forever). They’re always there to help you block out the rays and maybe even some ~haters~.

Today is National Sunglasses Day, and we’re especially feeling inspired by Willow Smith’s new modelling gig (and Corey Hart obvs). We rounded up a sweet collection of eye protection that will make sure all ~eyes~ are on you.

A rounded lens shape lends itself to be both chic and trendy! Slightly more of a statement piece, these glasses can transport you back to the 70’s or into the future with reflective lenses. These work best on gals with a square or narrow face shape.


1 [The T.V Eye, $60] 2 [ Freyers Black Shades, $15] 3[ Sunny Cher Sunnies, $317] 4 [British Riviera Circle Shade, $70]


Equal parts sophisticated and girly, the cat eye shape has been around forever but we love these updated styles! These big shades look best on heart shaped faces, you’ll feel like a 2016 version of Audrey Hepburn.


1[Retro Cateyes, $13] 2[Quay My Girl, $50] 3 [Kitten Cateye, $27] 4[ The Wild Gift Sunnies, $60]


The too cool for school aviator style is a go-to summer classic and looks great on tons of different face shapes. If you’ve got a rounder face these are sure to be your BFFs.


1[Ray-Ban Classic Aviators, $255] 2[QUAY Showtime Aviators, $60] 3[Venice Aviators, $16] 4[Highbrow Aviators, $30]


No rules apply with these *crazy* sunnies! Go nuts with reflective lenses and kooky shapes, just be warned, while they may shield you from the sun they can be tricky to see out of (looking at you prism shades).


1 [ESQ Reflective Heart, $70] 2 [I Still Love You NYC SPLAT Shade, $100] 3 [OG h0les Prism Glasses, $70] [ASOS Unicorn Glasses, $25]

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