March 18, 2015

To DIY For: Dip Dyed Cans


We love the look of these spring pastels. Organize your life with these handy dip-dyed cans that put the FUN in FUNCTIONAL. Click through for this super easy and chic DIY.

More spring cleaning DIYs! These cans are perfect for desk and office organization, art supplies, even makeup brushes.


What you need:

  • tin cans of various sizes
  • acrylic paint
  • painter’s tape
  • newspaper

Step one:

Rinse the tin cans and remove the labels. Dry thoroughly before proceeding! Using painter’s tape, apply a strip around the entire can. Make sure the tape is straight!


Step two:

Mix paints together in a bowl to create your desired colour. We chose spring-friendly pastels for our cans. Try creating a gradient set by adding more white paint to lighten the colour with every can.


Step three:

It’s time to dip it low/pick it up slow like Christina Millian taught us. Dip your taped cans into the paint. Allow the excess to drip before moving to a sheet of newspaper to dry.




Step four:

Once the cans are completely dry, remove the painter’s tape.


And that’s it! Fill with all your cute belongings.


Happy crafting! #DIYtilweDIE

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