October 25, 2011

Toronto Fashion Week: Behind the Scenes

Models, models, more models, makeup, more makeup, hair, models, and repeat… Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes of Toronto Fashion Week.


We had a chance to meet Eddie Malter (the official makeup artist for L’Oreal Paris in Canada), watch him work, and ask him a few questions:


Are there any trends that you’ve noticed throughout the week? Any recurring looks throughout the shows?


The idea for this season will be really beautiful skin with highlights. Perfect, perfect, perfect skin. So all you go with is bare skin, very natural, very healthy… not too much lipstick, just soft, and soft mascara.


Not too much makeup, just a beautiful base.


Or you go with just one bright colour. For example, you go with the lips, very bright, or you go with one touch of liner, just one little straight line. Plain green, orange or yellow – the colours for Spring / Summer 2012.


What are some of your favourite looks from this Fashion Week?


I don’t really have favourite looks, because they are all different. The pleasure of my art is to play with the makeup, with the beauty. So it’s always different. I always try to have something special for each designer. I like all the makeup.


We did a lot of looks with thick eyebrows – very present. We used liner for a lot of those looks. But when it’s liner, it’s all huge liner, very long, very sixties, but more modern. Lots of nude lips, some highlights or really, really dewy skin.


New York Fashion Week had a lot of purple lips, a lot of blue lips – why didn’t we see any of that here in Toronto?


Here is more conservative. I try to propose those kinds of things sometimes, but – you know.


Eddie was the key makeup artist for the entirety of LG Fashion Week – and, by the way, that was him at 1:59 showing Lucky his ways.


Photos by Ron Ruiz & Chris Pangan


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